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Stop Defending Emily Thorne! Why the Revenge Queen Ruins Everything

When Emily Thorne was a child, her father was framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Thus begins the story of Revenge.

And now all of our favorite Hamptonites are paying for this, even those not involved in David Clarke’s setup and death. And though we love Emily Thorne and her “Croc Look” glare of doom, it’s time to face the facts and recognize that this girl is responsible for some major turmoil.

For too long have we’ve supported this Infinity Box owner and today it ends. Here are five reasons why Emily Thorne should not be defended any longer:

1) She Doesn’t Care Who’s Hurt Throughout Her Mission

Look, Revengers. It’s been established that we’re supposed to loathe Fauxmanda and her man-stealing ex-stripper pole skills, but let’s reflect on this past season. At eight months pregnant, this girl fell off a second-story balcony and went into a medically-induced coma all to help Emily uncover more details about the mother who tried to murder her. Mind you, Emily is the godmother to Baby Carl David, and she was almost responsible for his premature death.

Mandy should never speak to Ems again. Instead, she’s still at the martial arts master’s beck and call whenever there’s a problem Emily needs her doppelganger to fix. We all groan when Amanda tries to put Jack and the baby first, but shouldn’t she be the irritated one? She’s risked her life and the lives of her loved ones and all for an ungrateful Hamptonite without getting anything in return.

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2) She Puts Her Vendetta Above All Others

We get it, Ems. Your mission to avenge your father’s death and to clear his name is super noble and all, but you aren’t the only one with a revengenda. Poor Aiden Mathis lost his sister and homegirl is still alive and being held captive by The Initiative. Helen Crowley gives Aiden a chance to reunite with his sister, Colleen, by killing Victoria Grayson.

But that doesn’t mesh with Emily’s plans to take down the Graysons slowly, so she puts a stop to Aiden’s sniper skills ASAP. The sexy Brit pays for listening to his lady love when The Initiative sends him a video of his sister overdosing on heroin. Now Colleen’s blood is totally on Emily’s hands, which leads us to …

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3) She’s the Worst Girlfriend Ever

Not only did Emily give Aiden horrible advice about The Initiative, but she clearly still has feelings for Daniel Grayson. Come on, she had a sex dream where Aiden turned into Daniel right as things started heating up. That only means one thing. And Aiden tried time and time again to get Emily out of Danny’s pool house, but she always found an excuse to stay.

Quit playing games with Aiden’s heart, girl!

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4) She’s Overlooked the Bros Before Hoes Rule

We never thought of Emily as the kind of girl that would ditch all of her besties when a man came along, but that’s exactly what she did to Nolan Ross when Aiden hit the scene. Ems and Nolan used to be the unstoppable dynamic duo, but the instant this British babe made his way to the Hamptons, Emily dropped Nolan and all of his business problems for her “true” love.

And now that Aiden and Emily appear to be dunzo, we’re sure she’ll go running back to her BFF. Don’t let her play you like that, Nolster!

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5) She Never Takes the Blame

In the words of Lauren Conrad: “You did something really shady and you did it behind my back and you were evil and conniving.” And unlike Jen Bunney, Emily doesn’t even apologize!

Amanda endangers her life and the life of her unborn child — NBD, can you help me on this new mission?

Aiden loses his sister — it’s probably a fake video. Be my boyfriend!

Girl, you’ve got to take responsibility for your actions!

Do you agree with our analysis? Or does Emily deserve our sympathy? Tell us your thoughts below!

01.30.2013 / 02:46 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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