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The Lying Game

The Lying Game’s Charisma Carpenter on Season 2: “There’s a Murder — and All Kinds of Good Stuff”

As the conniving Rebecca Sewell, Charisma Carpenter pulls the strings controlling most of the nail-biting drama on Season 2 of The Lying Game.

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to the newest regular cast member of the ABC Family hit at the “Bands for Beds” fundraiser in Hollywood to raise money for Bethlehem Parents Primary School in Uganda. Charisma hosted the charitable event, which also featured a performance by co-star Allie Gonino and her band, The Good Mad.

During our exclusive chat, Charisma spilled on her character’s relationship with daughters Sutton and Emma (Alexandra Chando), and a huge event that will rock the Lying Game universe!

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell me about the cause and how you got involved.
Charisma Carpenter: The cause is Bands for Beds and the call for action is to raise money, about $10,000 to get new bunk beds for replacement of dilapidated beds and to get the kids who don’t currently live or sleep on a bed now. So $10,000 is what we’re trying to raise and we’re hoping to do a lot of that tonight.

Definitely! Well, what can we expect from your show going forward? Anything you can tease us with?
What teases can I give you? We just came off the TCAs and I think the biggest one — one of the things I would like to find out is what exactly happened to Rebecca when she was in high school with the boys. That seems to be a big reference point so I’m looking forward to finding things out like that. Will Alec and Rebecca divorce? Will they have to stay together under the same roof?

What’s it like playing such a conniving woman?
The best job ever! I love it! And I love the cast that I work with.

Will we see any new sides to her, coming up? Will there be a softer side?
Yes, you will. There is. And I think as the episodes go on and we delve deeper into the relationship with her daughters, we understand how compelling it is for Rebecca to reunite her family that was stolen from her.

Can you say when Emma will find out the truth—that Rebecca is her mom?
Well, that’ s just a tune in moment! [Smiles]

Credit: Felicia Graham / ABC Family Channel © 2012 Disney ABC Television Group    

I understand. Well, how will the plotline develop with your character and Emma’s dad?
Well, you know, I’m working my hardest to get us together so I think it’s the four adults get very messed up and the four adults sort of — I feel like it’s a love square. There’s not a love triangle. There’s like a love square for both sets of parents! [Laughs]

What can you say about her relationship with Sutton?
Sutton is sassy and hot and confident and manipulative and all of those exciting things that we love to watch on television.

How excited will the fans be about what’s about to transpire the next few episodes?
Oh, for sure. I think the episodes will just get better, no doubt about it.

What’s the best part about playing this character?
The fashion’s good. A lot of young men are in my life! I get to be vulnerable with my daughter; I get to be suspicious and conniving and yet I still have to hide it all so it’s a very complex sort of character, depending on who she’s with. It’s a fine line — do I go campy with this or should I stay grounded with this. So I heed a lot of advice from Fred Gerber, who is a great producer on the show and he sort of assists me — oh, we’re going a little over the top there.

Well, the fashion—do you have any input on her wardrobe?
I don’t need to give any input on the wardrobe. Mimi Kaupe is fantastic and I’ve never really felt so at ease with a designer as I have with her. She just “gets” us all. She gets my body; she gets my issues. Like, when you’re thinking of putting me in a bikini, I need a little ruching in the back [to make me look] as tiny as possible.

But you look fabulous. You must work out.
I try. I’m on television with 25-year-olds, you know! You gotta work out.

One last thing — the murder plot —
With Derek.

How much can you tell me about that, if anything?
It’s still unraveling. I think they’re still trying to figure out who did it and was Alec framed. It’s just a huge plot point that goes on over episodes so we can’t really say. There is a murder this season.

Another one?
There’s a murder. [Smiles] And all kinds of good stuff!

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