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Vanderpump Rules: Which SUR Employee Should Lisa Vanderpump Fire?

After an insane Vegas blow up between SUR staff members on last night’s Vanderpump Rules, lady-in-charge Lisa Vanderpump made one thing clear: If bartender Jax can’t get it together, someone has to go.

But who should get fired?

A quick primer, for those of you who missed it: SUR drama queen Stassi, her friends and brand new SUR bartender boyfriend Frank all went to Vegas for Stassi’s birthday. When her ex-boyfriend Jax crashed the party, things “hit the fan in the most catastrophic way possible.”

Stassi apparently grabbed Katie’s hair and threw a drink on her, and in a parking lot brawl fueled by alcohol, testosterone and ripped off shirts, Jax and Frank came thisclose to beating the hell out of each other.

Let’s weigh the options.

Jax is kind of a loose cannon. Crashing his ex’s birthday party was a legitimately crazy idea, and it’s definitely not his first. You never know what you’re gonna get with this guy.

We felt a little bit bad for Frank, because being the new BF in a tight group of friends is an impossible situation. We felt less bad for him because it was a situation he could have totally avoided by not dating Stassi right after his co-worker, and because he was the one making the biggest threats of physical violence in the parking lot throwdown.

So, who do you think should get canned?

Trick question: It’s Stassi! She’s already on probation for missing too many shifts at work, and if you look hard enough you can trace all bad SUR situations back to her. She’s mean to her co-workers, we’ve seen her manipulate people into her doing her work, and she cannot — repeat, cannot tone down the drama.

On the flip side, Stassi’s brand of crazy makes for great TV! This is tough one. We’re glad we’re not in Lisa’s gorgeous and probably pink shoes when it comes to this situation.

Who do you think should get the boot? Vote in our poll below!

They're all crazy!

They play it up for the show!

01.30.2013 / 05:14 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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