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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Adrienne Maloof Says Brandi’s Friendship With Her Ex-Husband Paul Is “Vindictive”

The feud between Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Adrienne Maloof and Brandi Glanville is already the stuff of reality TV legend, due in large part to the crazy fight Adrienne and her now ex-husband Paul Nassif got into with Brandi on RHoBH last December.

Remember when Brandi spilled an alleged secret about a major lie she said Adrienne was telling about her family? Wetpaint brought you the exclusive news about what Brandi said that sparked all-out war between the two women

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills fans will remember their fight well: Brandi claimed Adrienne had her children with Paul using a surrogate, Paul called Brandi a bitch, lawsuits were threatened, yadda yadda yadda. But now, Brandi said, she and Paul are friendly.

“Every once in a while, he’ll text me. He’s very nice.” The same can’t be true of Brandi and Adrienne, who aren’t even on speaking terms. “She can’t even be in the same room as me,” Brandi tells Life & Style.

Paul Nassif, Adrienne’s now ex-husband, was just as outraged at Brandi Glanville as his former wife over the incident at the time. Now, however, he seems to have miraculously gotten over whatever anger he had about the dispute. Paul and Brandi are apparently now friends, and no one is more upset than Adrienne.

So what does Adrienne think of this newly formed friendship? She doesn’t buy it for a second. “I believe getting close to Paul is a ploy on Brandi’s part to make herself more relevant,” she admits. “I feel the sudden friendship with him was thought out and vindictive.”

“It’s the ultimate betrayal,” Adrienne said in an interview with Life & Style about the relationship between her ex and her enemy. “It’s extremely hurtful.”

Shockingly (said no one), Brandi has equally unflattering things to say about Adrienne. “She is not a very nice person; she pretends to be,” she said. “I called her to talk to her about the situation. But it’s hard for me to apologize to someone when I feel like they owe me an apology prior to that.”

Do you think these two will resolve their differences any time soon?

Source: Life & Style