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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Coverage: Long Beach & San Antonio Auditions – Watch With Us! (VIDEO)

The last week of American Idol 2013 auditions kicks off tonight with stops in San Antonio, TX and Long Beach, CA. There are quite a few people on our Top 40 spoilers list we haven’t seen yet, so hopefully there should be some amazing talent featured on the show this week.

Among the contestants rumored to give great performances on tonight’s show, we are especially looking forward to seeing hip-hop singer Jett Hermano, Christian artist Vincent “Vince” Powell, and country music cutie Rachel Hale.

Of course, there will be plenty more screen time for new American Idol 2013 judges Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban as well. Oh, and we’re sure veteran ‘dawg’ Randy Jackson will get a few moments... here and there. Apparently there is going to be some drama about one of the audition venues as well, since the judges' panel will actually take place on a boat tonight. Not sure who thought cramming all those crazy American Idol 2013 audition hopefuls into a tiny, floating cage would be a good idea...

Tonight on Idol we can look forward to more “Nickinames” and “Nicki-isms” and more flirting with handsome hopefuls from a certain diva behind the judges’ table. No, this time we aren’t taking about Nicki Minaj, although she has batted her extremely long eyelashes at plenty of hot contestants so far.

This time it’s Mariah Carey, otherwise known as Mrs. Nick Cannon, who gives perhaps a little too much attention to the physical attributes of at least one sultry singer she calls a “handsome devil.”

Ready to see who is fabulous and who fails from the next batch of American Idol 2013 auditions? Here we go - This is American Idol! Welcome to our live coverage of the week 3 auditions from San Antonio and Long Beach!

First up tonight is San Antonio, Texas, home of the Alamo and host to the next round of American Idol auditions. The last time Idol was in San Antonio was six years ago. The judges are hoping to find talent as big as Keith Urban’s breakfast, which was rather considerable...

Our first audition of the day is a Mariah Carey worshipper who used to pray to God he would get to meet her one day. And now he is!

Moving over now to Long Beach, California! The auditions for the judges today are taking place aboard the Queen Mary. The auditions are so huge they apparently snarl traffic all over the city. Keith Urban is hoping the auditions being so close to Los Angeles will mean a high quality of talent. Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey aren’t at the judges’ panel though. Nicki has another commitment and Mariah is apparently stuck in L.A. traffic.

American Idol 2013 Audition: Vincent Powell

Vincent Powell made it to the end of Hollywood Week last time around, but says he got nervous when Randy Jackson took a huge, long sip of his coca-cola during his performance. (Flashback to Randy sucking forever on a straw...) Vincent Powell may be a bit nerdy in his big, black glasses, but his voice is clearly “amazing,” as Nicki Minaj says. “Your voice is one of those voices that gives people chills,” Nicki adds. Mariah says he has the “voice of an angel” and with four yes votes, Vincent is heading back to American Idol Hollywood Week 2013. Want to find out if Vincent makes it to the Top 40 in Season 12? Find out in our spoilers here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Shubha Vedula

The first to face the two-judge panel is Shubha Vedula. She is singing “Something’s Got a Hold on Me” by Christina Aguilera. There isn’t much else to say about this audition other than it is good, although perhaps not incredibly amazing. Randy and Keith ask the invisible Mariah and Nicki’s opinion and then vote Shuba through to Hollywood. Will Shubha sing again after Hollywood Week? Check out our American Idol spoilers to learn if she does!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Derek & David Bacerott

Now going in front of the judges is a brother duo act hoping both of them will make it through to the next round. Derek & David Bacerott, unfortunately, are absolutely terrible. The brothers have Randy Jackson making horrible faces and rubbing his head as he cringes. Nicki doesn’t even manage to get out her vote because Keith Urban talks right over her to shout out his “No.” Mariah says there is a “basic rule of harmonizing” that requires both parties to actually be on pitch.

The brothers are devastated and just keep begging for help, seemingly convinced they are awesome. They say the judges are “very negative” and get very pissy. They think they have great attitudes though. The judges wish them good luck and shove them out the door to the lyrics of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.” The brothers say Idol has lost two talented people and some of the judges were very “rude.” They also just won’t shut up, which Idol mocks with an overlayed video of them talking... and talking... and talking.

Mariah Carey finally arrives and says about her late arrival, “if you want a diva, you’ve got to pay the price.”

American Idol 2013 Audition: Brian Martinez

Our next hopeful, Brian Martinez, says a record producer heard him singing in a restroom and said he should audition for American Idol. For his performance, he sings Phil Collins’ “You’ll Be In My Heart” -- well, I don't know if you would really call it singing... After about one second, you have to figure either the guy is totally lying about the record producer story, or someone was making fun of him. It’s a no from all the judges, who obviously think he’s just kind of sad and pathetic. He says this “wasn’t a good experience for me” after he leaves, and it’s really very pitiful.

American Idol 2013 Audition: Savannah Votion

Savannah Votion says she is the “next American Idol” and she has the backstory to go with it. She’s a single mom of a young daughter she had very young. Her finances may be poor, but her voice is powerhouse rich on a delicious rendition of “At Last” by Etta James. Keith Urban says she has “life” in her voice and all of her experiences come through. Nicki says it sounds like she was “born” to sing. It is an easy yes for the “big voice” singer and she and her family are nearly jumping out of their skins. She says “hopefully America will love me” as she holds up her golden ticket. Honestly, I’m kind of already in love... with that voice! Find out how far Savannah has gone in the competition here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Matt Farmer

Matt Farmer from Phoenix has the most gorgeous little daughter you’ve ever seen. On a mission in Iraq, Matt was injured in an explosion and received a traumatic brain injury. The medication he took was supposed to make him sterile, so he could never have kids. Six months later, however, a miracle happened and he found out his wife was pregnant. Keith Urban jokes about all the “cuteness” and then adds, the little girl is adorable too. Keith, the bad jokes, they must stop...

Matt performs Sam Cook’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” and it’s just as easy on the ears as he is easy on the eyes. Keith says he thought there were some “safe” moments in the song, but all three of the judges are feeling it and put him through. Or maybe they just could not say no to a tiny girl with golden curls. Who cares, Matt has a golden ticket! Will he make it to the Top 40? We can tell you here!

Back from a break, we have a welcome to San Antonio from someone playing a floor harp. Switching to the audition room, the judges are enduring a screeching performance from a punky looking girl with bi-colored red/black hair named Ricky Jo Garcia. This is one hopeful who will NOT be going to Hollywood Week. Ryan says auditions have “gone off the rails” for the moment at the Texas auditions.

American Idol 2013 Auditions: Cristabel Clack

Worship leader Cristabel Clack is happily married with three wonderful children. She says her husband is her biggest supporter. Randy Jackson kind of rudely says this must be her last shot, because she’s (gasp) 29-years-old. So, if you are almost 30, just give up now because you’re not going to make it unless the judges on a reality TV talent show think you’re the bomb, right? Keith Urban says he “loved it” and she was “beautiful to listen to.” Mariah says it is obvious she is a real singer and she gets her and loves her. Randy Jackson says she is what the “whole thing is about” and adds his yes votes to the rest of the judges’ pleased nods to send her to Hollywood. Curious to find out if Cristabel makes it to the Top 40? We have the answer in our spoilers here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Stephanie Sanson

Stephanie Sanson is in a band called You Only Live Once. Yes, the cliche YOLO. She has purple hair and she’s brave enough to try singing Adele’s “Set Fire to the Rain.” Yikes! Wait, this is not singing! This is screaming at the top of her lungs and jumping up and down like an insane person. The judges are freaked out and Randy yells for her to just keep jumping right out the door please! After watching this girl’s demonic possession in action, Mariah says she “needs to get her pastor on the phone.”

American Idol 2013 Audition: Jesaiah Baer

The next girl shows up in a captain’s hat and is a bit awkward in the intro, but she has a sweet tone. Unfortunately the ship’s fire alarm starts going off and someone comes in to tell them they all need to exit right now. Thankfully it is all sorted out quickly (a small, smoky cooking fire) and Jesaiah Baer gets to restart her audition. She’s not the usual singer for Idol, but her unique voice seems to make the judges happy and they are putting her through to the next round.

According to Ryan Seacrest, “they say the ship is haunted” and takes viewers on ghost tour through the interior of the ship. Ghosts, however, are nothing compared to the “horror” going on in the audition room. Cue another clip of terrible auditions with a bunch of ghostly figures added as backup dancers. Find out if Jesaiah makes the Top 40 here!

American Idol 2013 Auditions: Ann Difani

Ann Difiani’s husband Justin nominated his wife for American Idol. Randy Jackson surprises her during a University of Arkansas football game with a chance to audition in front of the judges. She performs “Stronger” by Faith Hill. Anne says she “loves country” but feels she could cross over into pop as well. Nicki Minaj thinks it is “cute” Anne’s husband nominated her and believes her. Cue the husband entering the room to hear what the judges have to say. Randy says they are like “the greatest American love story.” Welcome to Hollywood Anne with a unanimous vote! Can't wait to discover if Ann makes it past Hollywood Week? We have the answer here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Michah Johnson

Michah Johnson has a touching, sympathetic backstory but he doesn’t even need it. The last contestant of the day is a sweet young man who says he may have actually sang in the womb, according to his Mom. Surgery to remove his tonsils damaged the nerves in his throat and left him with a severe speech impediment. Mariah says she had nerve damage in her arm and wonders if there is any hope his might go away. He tells her they said his speaking voice is probably messed up for life, but he does go to therapy. His singing voice, on the other hand, is anything but damaged!

Michah might just have the most beautiful vocals of any guy in the competition so far. Keith Urban can’t even help himself from singing along. Like he told stutterer Lazaro Arbos, Keith says he should just sing all the time. Mariah says even if he didn’t have the “story,” she still would have been moved by him. The judges vote a big yes in unison and Micah is going to Hollywood! Will the judges love him again in the next round? Find out if Micah made the American Idol Top 40 for 2013 here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Victoria Acosta

Mariachi singer Victoria Acosta is up next. I think she sounds kind of sharp in places with her first song, and the judges don’t seem totally on board. Randy Jackson wants to hear her sing her signature mariachi music and they are loving that so much more. They think she has a lot more connection to the song and when she “did her thing” by performing what she really loves. How far has Victoria get so far in the competition? Find out here!

Ryan Seacrest leads into the next auditions with bit on San Antonio’s “dark” and “dangerous” past. The next batch of horrible singers are shown on a series of Wanted posters for things like “unlawful impersonation of Beyonce” and other cute quips. Nicki Minaj tosses out to one hopeful that “there’s always autotune” while Mariah Carey collapses in dismay at the awe singers.

American Idol 2013 Audition: Rachel Hale

Kimberly Rachel Hale, who goes by Rachel, sings “Get Ready” for the judges and it’s obvious we have another country queen on our hands. She just can’t stop grinning even while she’s singing. Keith Urban is just smiling like a madman and Nicki Minaj flashes her own pearly whites. Keith and Randy think she has a little Wynonna Judd in her. All the judges are just loving her. Randy Jackson says Rachel has to be the “happiest” contestant they’ve ever had. She literally ‘squees’ when they give her a golden ticket and she pounces on Ryan with a huge hug. Will she be hugging Ryan again after Hollywood Week? Our spoilers know!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Briana Oakley

Briana Oakley says she was severely bullied after she was featured on on Maury as a talented kid singer. All her friends abandoned her and in the end she had to change schools. She tells those being bullied out there should never let anyone tell them who they should be. Randy says if she gets any bullying again, he’ll come to her school personally to deal with it!

She may have been bullied, but Brianna is not letting anything keep her down. Her voice is effervescent and lovely. Mariah Carey looks like she’s in love as Brianna’s family peeks in to watch her sing. Keith says it was “fantastic, good lord!” Nicki says “wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.” Randy says this could be the start of something “huge” for Brianna. Hollywood, watch out, here comes Brianna! But wait, does Briana make it to the Top 40 for the girls? Find out here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Papa Peachez

Now up we Papa Peachez, the the “black woman” trapped in a skinny white boy’s body. He says he’s a huge dancer and he will just go to an empty parking lot and dance around his car. For his corniest joke of the evening so far, Keith Urban greets the auditioner with “Papa don’t Peach.”

Papa does not like doing covers and decides to do his own original music. When he starts singing, he does, indeed, sound like he has a robust black gospel lady singing through his little white boy mouth.

Nicki Minaj says she thinks Papa Peachez is a “superstar” and he’s a total original. Mariah says he is “a quirky kind of artist,” which he agrees with. Randy Jackson says if he would get really serious and take vocal lessons, he could have something great, but for now it is a no. Nicki Minaj is a “billion-gazillion” times yes though and thinks he is uber amazing. Mariah Carey gives him a “small yes” but Keith Urban says no. Nicki starts whining for Randy to make a tie-breaker vote. Randy throws up his hands and says he is changing his vote! Papa Peachez is going to American Idol Hollywood Week! Does he make it past Hollywood Week? Check out the scoop here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Matheus Fernandes

If you are a fan of The Glee Project, you might just recognize the next American Idol audition hopeful. Matheus Fernandes was one of twelve contestants on Season 1 of the show. He was eliminated in the fifth episode. Hopefully he’ll make it a bit farther on Idol!

Matheus Fernandes moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music but feared he would never make it because of how different he is. Matheus is, well to put it succinctly, very short. Doctors aren’t sure why he is the way he is, but Matheus believes that “great things come in small packages.” He jokes with the judges, asking if “there is a height limit on this show?”

Matheus may be small, but his voice is anything but. In the second rendition of Sam Cook’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” for the evening, Matheus thrills the judges with a voice far outsized for his stature. Nicki says he is a “unique, special person” and Matteo just starts bawling. Mariah says regardless of height, race, sex or whatever, she was moved and he could “sing anything for me any day of the week.” Randy Jackson says Idol is a talent show and to him, Matheus is ten feet tall right now. One, two, three, yes from all the judges!

In his exit interview, he says this is the “most beautiful moment of his life.” Bravo Matheus! Will he manage to make it past Hollywood Week? We can tell you here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Sanni M’Mairura

Sanni M’Mairura, who speaks Swahili as a second language thanks to his parents, sings “Who’s Loving You” by Michael Jackson. Nicki Minaj says she feels “whip cream” and “rainbows” listening to this adorable young man. Randy Jackson says Sanni is “fresh” and he loved it. Keith Urban says he is “sold” on the audition. It’s a big yes from all four judges and another golden ticket is passed out to Sanni. Will that golden ticket get him even farther in the competition past Hollywood Week? We have your answer in our spoilers here!

American Idol 2013 Audition: Adam Sanders

Adam Sanders is the last audition for San Antonio. Before he auditioned, he was in happy tears over the idea of getting to meet Mariah Carey. Of course, everyone is a Mariah Carey worshipper!

Adam gives the judges “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James. The minute he starts, the judges all start grinning wildly. His voice is just over-the-top crazy good. Although, if you weren’t watching, you might be ‘blinded’ into thinking it was actually a girl singing. The judges actually give him a standing ovation. Ryan says Adam “shocked all of us” with his vocals. Randy says “let’s not even comment” and it’s hugely enthusiastic yes votes all around! All Nicki can say is “wow.” Does Adam make it past Hollywood Week? Find out here!

Flip to the next page as our live coverage continues with the American Idol 2013 Long Beach auditions!

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