American Idol 2013 Recap: San Antonio and Long Beach Auditions From 1/30/2013 – Candy Canes and Whip Cream!
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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: San Antonio and Long Beach Auditions From 1/30/2013 – Candy Canes and Whip Cream!

American Idol 2013 is the best season yet!” Come on -- we hear it every year and, yet, as each audition show passes, one has to wonder if this might truly be THE ONE.

The show headed to the Lone Star State last night, with auditions in San Antonio, and then boarded the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA. Among the singers from the American Idol auditions Wednesday night were some truly stellar performers, leading us to think this could indeed end up being one of the best Idol seasons in years.

The standouts...

Vincent Powell -- He started off the show, and it felt like he shot himself out of a cannon and straight into the judges’ hearts. Dressed in pantaloons, suspenders, and boots, he made sure his second round down the Idol Road would not be forgotten.

Matt Farmer -- Hit by an IED while serving in Iraq, the singer got a traumatic brain injury and was told his medication would make him sterile. Six months later, he found out he was having daughter, Cadence, who is now three. His version of “A Change is Gonna Come” earned him a “strong pipes” from Randy and a golden ticket.

Michah Johnson -- Much like Lazaro Arbos, this singer has a speech impediment that disappeared completely when he opened his voice to sing Zac Brown Band’s “Chicken Fried”. He got the speech impediment after his doctor hit a nerve when removing his tonsils, but his stellar vocals and moving backstory had him sailing on through to Tinsel Town.

Want to know if Vincent or any of the other amazing auditions so far this week made it to the Top 40? You can find out in our American Idol spoilers.

Savannah Votion -- A single mom, she dared to do the unthinkable by taking on possibly the most overdone audition song in American Idol history -- Etta James’ “At Last”. She’s lucky she nailed it. We’ll have to wait and see if she can pull off another brave move like this to progress past Hollywood Week.

Cristabel Clack -- It’s no wonder this gal is already a strong favorite to make it to the American Idol 2013 Top 20, or even beyond to the live finalists, as she not only oozed confidence with her Alicia Keys song, but she had the voice to back it up.

Briana Oakley -- The singer, who was once on “Maury’s Most Talented Kids” (who knew they did more than paternity tests?), was ruthlessly bullied at school. She got the ultimate revenge with a rendition of “Up to the Mountain” which left the judges nearly speechless. She earned a golden ticket and an offer to call “Uncle Randy” and “Uncle Keith” should she be bullied again.

Matheus Fernandes -- The tiny singer, who was told nothing physical was wrong with him to cause his extremely short stature, ended the night with a powerful performance that was inversely proportional to his size. A little math for you there! He sang “A Change is Gonna Come,” and the judges loved it, with Mariah saying, “You hit me in the heart.” A super emotional Matheus was sent to Hollywood, proving small things do, indeed, come in small packages. If you thought Matheus looked oddly familiar, you might just be remembering him from Oxygen’s The Glee Project Season 1. Unfortunately he was eliminated in week 5 on that competition. He is no doubt hoping to make it a lot further on American Idol 2013.

Papa Peachez -- We knew we were in for something interesting when he declared, “I’m really just a big, black woman trapped in a little boy’s body.” It only got stranger from there, as he continued to croon about himself in the third person in his original song. While Randy Jackson waffled on whether to send him through, Papa Peachez was sent to Hollywood on a wing, a prayer, and the adoration of judge Nicki Minaj.

Sanni M’Mairura -- The sixteen-year-old African-American Justin Bieber look-alike shined with even more confidence than Cristabel Clack. His unique take on a Michael Jackson song earned rave reviews from the judges, as well as a Nicki-ism that will go down in history. When he was done, all she said was, “Candy canes, strawberries, whipped cream, rainbows, and sunny skies.” Who knew she was a Belieber?

And in the “this is so uncomfortable, I don’t know where to look” category...

The brothers from San Antonio -- Derek and David Bacerott -- These guys were painfully bad singers, but it was their argumentative nature that had viewers likely turning down the volume. Nicki put them in their place with by saying, “Your part of the audition is done.” Y’all don’t come back now, ya hear?

Brian Martinez -- The awkward hopeful had us feeling uncomfortable after assuring the judges that some producer named John told him in the john that he was amazing, but he was awful. Just awful.

Adam Sanders -- He recovered from insulting Mariah Carey by implying she was in the same era as Etta James with a performance that earned a standing ovation, and kept the judges talking long after he left the room. You might recall that Adam was the one who Keith Urban called out during the preseason as a standout.

And, finally, the “cute as a button” moment of the night...

Ann Difani -- Her husband nominated the “Miss University of Arkansas,” and while the whole thing was so sweet it kind of made your teeth hurt, the judges granted her the golden ticket. She made Nicki laugh when she asked Anni if she was going to be okay with being away from her husband for months at a time, and the tiny singer (a little too quickly) answered, “Absolutely!” Of course, she said, “We’re a team.” And just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Shubha Vedula -- Shubha only had to audition for Randy and Keith, and the guys didn’t hesitate to give her a golden ticket for her making it look easy to sing “Something’s Got A Hold On Me”. Let’s just hope they can figure out how to pronounce her name by the time they see her again in American Idol Hollywood Week.

Rachel Hale -- Dubbed “the happiest contestant I think I’ve ever met” by Randy, her smile was infectious. Between her voice and can-do attitude, it’s no wonder this Country singer makes the is being touted as one to watch as a possible future finalist.

Come back and visit us again soon and find out who we’ve nominated for our best and worst auditions of the week! What were yours?

On to the Warm Fuzzies and the rest of our American Idol recap of the San Antonio & Long Beach Auditions... on the next page!

01.31.2013 / 11:07 PM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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