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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Does Jax Taylor Think Lisa Vanderpump Is a Good Boss?

It seems like there is nothing but drama on Vanderpump Rules, set in Lisa Vanderpump’s West Hollywood restaurant Sur. But star (and chief drama causer of the moment) Jax Taylor says that behind the scenes there is nothing but love, especially from Lisa!

“She's awesome, I love Lisa,” Jax told Reality Wanted about his formidable boss and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star. “I almost consider her like a mother figure. Obviously on the show, she's firm but when the cameras aren't around, she's always coming around and asking how things are going. Honestly, she doesn't even have to do that but she does it anyway. She's very sincere and cares about my wellbeing.”

It’s good to know that someone is looking out for Jax! His well being must have taken a real beating on the show, what with the Stassi breakups, Vegas fights and possible firings.

Knowing what he knows now about life on a reality show, would Jax do it again? Yes! But not without some serious consideration.

“I think me, Stassi, Tom, Kristen, and Katie really need to sit down and talk,” he said. “I'm on board. It was a great experience, I just hope things would go a little differently.”

While he didn’t say exactly how he hoped a possible second season would be different, he did say why.

“Emotionally, it's tough,” he admitted. “I went through a lot this summer. Yes, I would but I don't know how much more I can take!

Source: Reality Wanted