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Jersey Shore

How Did Snooki React to Seeing Lorenzo’s Birth on TV?

During last night’s epic episode of Snooki & JWOWW, we got to see Snooki go into labor (for 26 hours!) and deliver adorable baby, Lorenzo.

While the Twitterverse was exploding with fans and haters alike, Snooks watched with her man, Jionni, and their son. But what was it like for the reality star to watch herself giving birth on television?

“Crying my eyeballs out! Love my son!!! #SnookiandJWOWW” Snooki tweeted during the episode. Aww. We were crying, too, girl!

“Lorenzo meeting the fam!!!! Yay <3” she also tweeted later on during the episode. (We were also crying here. We have a lot of feelings.)

Jenni was also getting emotional during the episode last night. First she tweeted, “Omg I’m crying #lorenzo #SnookiAndJWOWW,” and later, she showed off this pic of just how emotional she got:

Did you get choked up during last night’s episode? Share your reactions below!