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Teen Mom

Kailyn Lowry Diagnosed as Bipolar After Physical Altercation With Husband Javi Marroquin

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are the cutest couple in Teen Mom 2 Land (other than Kieffer Delp and his green hoodie), but there was a time when their relationship wasn't so hot. Turns out Kailyn and Javi went through a rough patch before getting married, and now she's apologizing to her fans.

"I just want to publicly apologize in advance to my fans,” Kailyn tells Starcasm, “and even though Javi and I have moved on from it, I want to say I’m sorry again to him and his family for letting my emotions get the best of me. I know how humiliating that is for them and I’m humiliated myself.”

So, what went down between Kailyn and Javi? In an interview with Wetpaint Entertainment, Kailyn revealed that she and Javi had a physical altercation.

"Javi and I really hit rock bottom, but I started seeing a therapist and just contemplating other things I could do," Kailyn tells Wetpaint. "I started doing kick boxing to get my aggression out. There was a moment where I take Javi's head and I shook it. I had a temper so bad, that I knew I was getting out of control."

Turns out Kailyn's anger issues are genetic — both she and her mother suffer from bipolar disorder. "My mom is bipolar and it turns out I am too,” she tells Starcasm.

Kailyn's co-star, Jenelle Evans, is also bipolar and takes medication to treat her condition. Thank goodness both these ladies have been properly diagnosed so they can move on with their lives as happy and healthy Teen Moms!

Source: Starcasm