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Dancing With The Stars

Katherine Webb Would’ve Done DWTS 2013 But She Already Said Yes to Splash

Somebody backed the wrong horse!

Katherine Webb may have been too quick to capitalize on her ESPN ogling success. We heard she was being considered for Dancing With the Stars Season 16, but she tweeted that she would not be on the show. Then we saw her name on the cast list for ABC’s new celebrity diving show, Splash.

Katherine talked to Ryan Seacrest about Splash, and it sounds like she chose the sure thing over the possibility of maybe making the DWTS cut.

“If I were to do any show it would have been Dancing With the Stars just because I love dancing,” she said. “I don’t know the technicalities on that, but I know that I was on the list, I think, but I had a secured spot for celebrity diving so I went ahead with diving.” Why is she doing Splash? “It’s something I never imagined myself doing and at the same time, you know, it’s such like out of the norm idea that people will have to watch it.”

If she keeps herself in the public eye, she may still have a shot to do DWTS this fall. But if her new show fails to make a splash (sorry) she may have to save the dances for her boyfriend.

Source: Ryan Seacrest