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Logic Fails From Glee Season 4, Episode 11: “Sadie Hawkins”

We love Glee more than our trusty iPhone companion, Kiki. Even more than those tasty nonfat mochas at the Lima Bean. Still, we have to admit that the logic in this show doesn’t always make sense.

Take last week’s Season 4, Episode 11: “Sadie Hawkins,” for example. Here are our top moments of the night that just didn’t quite add up.

1. Tina’s in love with Blaine, and seems to have no idea why that’s weird.

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The fact that Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) has a crush on Blaine (Darren Criss) is totally understandable. Look, Blaine is hot. And we get crushes on gay men all the time. Jonathan Groff, Matt Bomer, Neil Patrick Harris — the list goes on. We know they’ll never be able to love us back, but we can’t help adore them anyway.

The fact that Tina likes Blaine doesn’t surprise us at all. What’s shocking is how she seems to have no idea how weird her crush is. When Blaine admitted his feelings for Sam (Chord Overstreet), at least he fully realized that Sam would never reciprocate.

Tina, on the other hand, seems genuinely upset when Blaine doesn’t like her back. Wake up, girl. You were there during the Great Blaine/Rachel (Lea Michele) Kiss Debacle of Season 2. Blaine is not bi, he’s not confused. The man is gay.

2. The Warblers juicing scandal. What was that?!

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Obviously we are thrilled to find out that the Warblers cheated a Sectionals, and that the New Directions will be advancing to Regionals. We just don’t quite understand the logic of how that went down.

We’ve heard of sports teams using performance-enhancing drugs. But a show choir? Then there’s the regimen — with a domineering Hunter (Nolan Gerard Funk) handing out sketchy-looking shots under an odd, smoky haze — what was going on, exactly? The idea is technically possible, if not plausible. But we still think it’s way too odd and out of left field.

3. Guys — runner-ups get sent to Sectionals — not the 3rd place team!

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Of everything that seemed off in the episode, this one baffles us the most. Let’s go back to Sectionals for a second. The Warblers came in first. The Rosedale Mennonites came in second. And the New Directions were disqualified for leaving the stage mid-performance.

So once the New D’s got the Warblers disqualified for their juicing scandal, wouldn’t that mean the Mennonites get to advance? They’re the only team who hasn’t yet been disqualified.

Who knows what happened to the Mennonites, because the New Directions are magically headed to Regionals. Glee creator Ryan Murphy even confirmed the absurdity of this instance on Twitter, but basically told naysayers to take a chill pill.

Please take a deep breath and remember it's just a television show,” he tweeted on January 25. “But I do admire your passion and loyalty.

There you have it, guys. Ryan Murphy has spoken, and Glee is “just a television show.” Normal rules of logic and reason just don’t have to apply.

01.31.2013 / 05:03 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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