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The Bachelorette

Michael Stagliano’s Bachelor Blog: Selma’s No Kissing Rule Made Sean Want Her More

We couldn't believe our eyes when Selma Alameri turned down Sean Lowe's quivering lips. Sure, she wants to respect her family's cultural traditions, but how did girlfriend not cave at the sight of Sean's tongue? That thing eliminates the need for chapstick.

While some fans are worried that Selma's rules and regulations will work against her (after all, Sean will want to kiss her at some point!) Bachelor Pad winner Michael Stagliano thinks she made a good call.

"I loved the chemistry between Sean and Selma and I thought the 'No-Kissing-Zone' operated by Selma’s Mom, via satellite feed HELPED Selma on the date," Michael writes in his Bachelor Blog. "You always want what you can’t have… and though I had to question Selma’s decision to go on the show despite her parent’s obvious apprehension… There was something incredibly sweet, and endearing about Selma’s story, and while kissing is certainly a really good way to get to know someone romantically; Selma and Sean’s date was a reminder that just talking to each other can be equally as romantic."

True that, Michael. Although let's be real: kissing > talking.

Are you also questioning Selma's decision to come on The Bachelor given her no-macking rule? Weigh in below!

Source: ABC/Warner Brothers