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The Bachelorette

Pregnant Molly Mesnick Gets Tips From Jillian Harris!

Molly Mesnick has pretty much the perfect life, as far as we’re concerned. Sure, there was a minor hiccup when she got dumped on national TV and then, when she was like four blocks away, her Bachelor boy called her and was all “baby, can’t we just go back to that?” and then broke up with the other girl he had chosen... but now everything is great.

Fast forward a few years, and gorgeous Molly and her gorgeous husband Jason have never been happier. Plus, they’re pregnant, so they pretty much beat everyone at being awesome.

And when your life is radtastic and only getting better, you’re probably also best friends with the coolest Bachelorette around, Jillian Harris. Guess what? Right again. They’re all best friends. And since Jilly is a home design genius, she’s been quick to jump in and help Molly and Jason with their new project: getting a room ready for their baby.

Molly’s been tweeting about their nursery-painting and obvi Jillian was the first to add her support, asking for pics and probably sending adorably personalized gifts to really “tie the room together” (we have very active imaginations). We’re betting rose print wallpaper wasn’t at the top of their list...

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01.31.2013 / 04:24 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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