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Revenge Season 2: New Funeral Photos Indicate [SPOILER] Dies!

As we’ve been trying to whittle the list of potential Labor Day victims down on Revenge, we’re constantly trying to figure out which one of our favorites is a goner.

When new photos surfaced yesterday of actors Madeleine Stowe (Victoria Grayson) and Henry Czerny (Conrad Grayson) on set, we assumed that Conrad was safe — thinking Episode 14, “Sacrifice,” had already been filmed.

But now the paparazzi have captured an even more telling scene — a funeral! Though we can’t see the tombstone in these photos, the funeral attendees reveal some key details.

Dressed in black by the gravesite are Emily Thorne, Victoria Grayson, Daniel Grayson, Declan Porter, Jack Porter, and Charlotte Grayson.

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Charlotte’s crying while holding a white calla lily and Victoria has her arm around her. So why isn’t her father there to comfort her?

Could Conrad possibly be the one who’s six-feet under? We sure hope not, but it makes sense considering the attendees are all connected to Conrad in some way.

Emily is dating Daniel (Conrad’s son) and Jack recently went into business with Conrad. Declan could be there to support his lady love, Charlotte, in her time of need.

People missing: Ashley Davenport. Victoria could have banned her from the funeral after Conrad was gone, but it seems strange that she wouldn’t be present.

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Another potential victim might be Amanda Clarke. Charlotte would be just as emotional to lose her faux-half sister. Victoria would be there to support Charlotte and Daniel to support Emily.

People missing: Nolan Ross and Baby Carl David. The Nolster wouldn’t miss the funeral of his best bro’s wife, and Jack would want his child to be there.

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And our final prediction is that Nolan Ross is our victim. Before you shut down your computer and burst into tears, know that this one is a long shot. It makes little sense that Victoria would be at his funeral and that Amanda wouldn’t attend. Also, his ex-flame Marco Romero would probably make an appearance if the tech genius were really gone.

There’s also the potential that this whole funeral scene was staged to throw fans off from the true death.

Click here to see the funeral photos!

What do you think Revengers? Tell us your predictions below!

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