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Jersey Shore

Snooki Talks Lorenzo’s Circumcision: “His Penis Looks Awesome” — TMI Alert!

After a baby is born, there are some routine procedures that every little one needs to go through, and Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo, was no exception.

However, that didn’t make it any less scary for Snooks to watch Enzo get circumcized! As we saw on the Snooki & JWOWW episode where she gives birth, the new mama was very nervous about the process.

In the this week’s edition of “Tea Time,” the reality star opens up about the circumcision and how happy she is that everything went smoothly — while seriously over-sharing!

“Everything came out fine; his penis looks awesome," she told MTV in the video. "He's going to have a good life."

Well...that’s an interesting way to put it. Check out the video (and try not to laugh too much) below, and then you tell us: Was her “awesome penis” comment too much?