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30 Rock: Our Favorite Guest Stars

Tonight marks the series finale of 30 Rock, and we know you’re dreading the end as much as we are. (We do not “want to go to there!”) But to help commemorate a series which has kept us in stitches over the last six-plus years, let’s look back on some of the most memorable of famous guest stars.

Oprah Winfrey
The flight Liz Lemon took with Oprah turned out to be a huge hallucination brought up by the meds she took to sleep through the trip — and the Queen of Daytime Talk turned out to be a teenage girl! We should have known when she couldn’t even enunciate her excitement. (“I’m snitting next to Borpo!”)

Al Gore
Though he had always seemed stiff to those of us who are old enough to remember the Clinton administration, former Vice President Al Gore popped up to play a hyper-environmentalist version of himself. “Quiet! A whale is in trouble! I have to go!”

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Jon Hamm
We were all rooting for Liz to end up with boyfriend Drew, if only because he was played by Mad Men hunk Jon Hamm. But it was hard for Liz to overlook the “bubble” of beauty in which Drew lived, in which nothing bad could ever happen to him since he was so good-looking.

Matt Damon
They just wanted to be Mr. and Mrs. Ina Garten, but Liz and her dashing pilot boyfriend, hilariously named Carol Burnett and hilariously played by Matt Damon, were just too strong-willed to make it work. Finally Carol had to institute Sky Law to shut their relationship down. “It’s when I put on the ‘Fasten Seatbelts’ sign, and no one’s allowed to move for ten minutes.”

Elizabeth Banks
Jack Donaghy has had a lot of girlfriends who looked suspiciously like Hollywood A-listers (i.e. Salma Hayek, Julianne Moore, Edie Falco), but he truly met his match when he began a whirlwind romance with et the ultra-conservative news anchor Avery Jessup... that is, until Kim Jong-Il abducted her!

Bryan Cranston
After years of him scaring the hell outta us on Breaking Bad, we finally got a chance to see the lighter side of Bryan we had fallen in love with on Malcolm in the Middle when he showed up on 30 Rock playing the innocuous stepfather Kenneth the Page had no legitimate reason to hate.

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