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Beyonce: “I Will Absolutely Be Singing Live” at Super Bowl, Admits She Used Pre-Recorded Track at Inauguration

Beyonce just talked to the media to preview her Super Bowl halftime show, and she referenced her lip-synching controversy at the 2013 Presidential Inauguration. She started with an I'll show you — treating reporters to a live version of the National Anthem, to prove yes she can do that on cue.

Unfortunately, the real controversy wasn't over whether she could sing or not, it was that she made it seem like she was singing live, even ripping out her earpiece, and then hid away after the truth was leaked — until now, when she's promoting the Super Bowl and can't avoid the questions. It's all about controlling the message.

TMZ posted her live interview, and you can hear Beyonce explain that she didn't have time to rehearse for the inauguration. So, due to that and the colder weather and the lack of a proper sound check, she said, "I did not feel comfortable taking a risk" to sing live. She didn't want to potentially distract from President Obama's big day. "So I decided to sing along with my pre-recorded track," she admitted, adding that it's "very common" in the industry, and she's "very proud" of her performance.

But what about this Sunday for the Super Bowl? "I will absolutely be singing live," she said, adding that it's what she was born to do. "I always sing live," she noted later. "This inauguration was unfortuantely at a time when I couldn't rehearse with the orchestra" because she was rehearsing for the Super Bowl.

So there you go. Happy with her explanation, or too little too late for you?

Source: TMZ

02.1.2013 / 02:08 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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