Courtland Rogers Accuses Jenelle Evans of Stealing His Identity!
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Teen Mom

Courtland Rogers Accuses Jenelle Evans of Stealing His Identity!

Oh, Courtland Rogers, you mysterious enigma you. We've come to know Jenelle Evans's hubby pretty well despite the fact that he still hasn't appeared on Teen Mom 2, and one thing's for sure: dudes loves himself some drama.

Jenelle and Courtland are currently separated thanks to a bitter fight and possible physical altercation, and now Courtland has accused Jenelle of stealing his phone in order to make him look like a cheater.

"Easy for jenelle to send screen shots acting like I was the one texting when she stole my phone and has been acting like me ever since," Courtland tweeted on January 31. Um, wait … is Courtland saying that Jenelle stole his identity?

"Lmfaooooooooooo what a dummy !!! I can see her now texting my phone then using my phone to text herself back acting like me," he continued, adding "One night she actually took my phone while I was sleeping and messaged 15 girls actin like me to see if I was cheatin who the f— does that."

Clearly there were some trust issues in Courtland and Jenelle's relationship, but would she really go so far as to steal his phone? And furthermore, why hasn't Courty cancelled his old number? The mystery continues, Teen Momers.