Does Kim Kardashian Say Boyfriend Kanye West’s Name Wrong?
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The Kardashians

Does Kim Kardashian Say Boyfriend Kanye West’s Name Wrong?

If you’ve watched Kim & Kourtney Take Miami at all this season, we’re sure you’ve noticed it. Kim Kardashian has a weird way of saying her boyfriend Kanye West’s name.

While the rest of the world pronounces it KAN-ye, Kim instead puts the emphasis on the second syllable. The result: Kan-YE.

Kim’s longtime friend and Kardashian TV show producer, Ryan Seacrest, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week, and it sounds like he’s just as confused as we are by the whole debacle.

“The only thing I noticed when Kim and I had dinner the other night in New York is that she kept saying, you know, Kan-YE and I, Kan-YE and I...” Ryan said. “Kan-YE and I are so excited, Kan-YE and I are doing the nursery, Kan-YE and I.”

Kim is Kanye’s girlfriend and soon-to-be baby mama. So does that mean she’s saying his name right... and the rest of the world has it all wrong?

“I thought to myself, Oh my God, I’ve been saying KAN-ye all these years on the radio, playing his records, even interviewing him as KAN-ye,” Ryan told Ellen. “And I played back a clip of you, to check my work, and you said KAN-ye, as well. And I think we’ve been saying it wrong. It’s Kan-YE.”

Ellen, however, wasn’t so sure. “Maybe she’s saying it wrong.”

So which is it? Well, we tracked down a video clip of an interview Kanye did back in 2007, and when he says his name at around the 1:20 mark, his emphasis is on the “KAN,” not the “ye.” The rap star also says his name with this pronunciation in a handful of different songs, including “Gone,” a record from his 2005 release, Late Registration.

Sorry, Kim. You and your boyfriend say his name differently. Which, we guess is cool. If he doesn’t mind, maybe the rest of the world shouldn’t either!

Source: The Ellen DeGeneres Show