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The Bachelor

How Long Are the Bachelor Rose Ceremonies?

Every night, after we’ve been out at a roller derby blood bath, or lugging bales of hay across a farm, we put on a cocktail dress and vie for Sean Lowe’s attention/undying love. Oh wait, that’s not us, that’s those girls on Season 17 of The Bachelor. You know the ones, the girls who start out all perky and bright eyed but occasionally end up tipsy and drunk-faced and looking a little exhausted when it’s time for the moment of rose-colored truth and ceremony.

So, what’s the deal with the girls going from all the energy in the world, to barely standing in under 20 minutes at the end of the episode? Well, Ali Fedotowsky explains, it’s only that short for us.

“The cocktail parties and rose ceremonies can go all night long, and yes, the ceremonies alone can last up to an hour,” Ali explains in her Bachelor blog. “We only see the rose ceremony for about five minutes on TV. But, in real time, the cameras have to reposition themselves every few minutes. And in between each name being called, the cameras want to get shots of each of the girls. And honestly, production probably just wants to make the girls sweat it out! That way they get nervous looks on their faces. And the camera can capture them for our viewing pleasure!”

Wow, that sounds exhausting! But it’s true — we do enjoy a little squirming...

Source: Ali’s Bachelor Blog

02.1.2013 / 03:10 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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