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The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder Talks Big Changes For Damon and Stefan on The Vampire Diaries

Even if he’s not your favorite character on The Vampire Diaries, you have to admit Damon has some pretty rotten luck. Right now, for example, he’s locked up in the Salvatore cell and has been compelled to kill his sorta-girlfriend’s brother. Ian Somerhalder tells TVLine why Damon is a “poor bastard.”

Ian says he empathizes with Damon, who, after all this time finally gets what he wants — Elena (Nina Dobrev) — only to have it complicated by the sire bond. “You want this character — even though he does really awful things — you want him to win. You want him to be happy in life…” Ian says. Then he hints, “There’s something big in the cards for Damon soon.”

Something like love and happiness for Damon and Elena? While Ian would love nothing more than for the two of them to move to “an island in the Caribbean that Damon buys and start a colony,” there’s still a snarkier Stefan (Paul Wesley) and the cure to contend with.

Ian admits, “We like edgy Stefan. Stefan likes edgy Stefan. Stefan, just like his brother, has a lot to go through in the near future. He’s got a lot riding on this cure. Stefan wants it. This is a chance for him… Stefan’s hoping that they can find it and make it work and ultimately [Elena will] go back to feeling this way for him. And Damon’s thinking, ‘Ooh, this sucks!’ Really not happy about it.”

Sigh. There really is no way both of them can win, is there?

Source: TVLine