Is Jenelle Evans Engaged to Gary Head … Again?!
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Teen Mom

Is Jenelle Evans Engaged to Gary Head … Again?!

We just don't know who to believe anymore when it comes to the life and times of Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans. Hot off the heels of her recent split from hubby Courtland Rogers, Jenelle's thwarting rumors that she's wearing someone else's ring. And by someone else, we really mean her ex-fiancé, Gary Head!

So is Jenelley really engaged to Gary all over again? According to the 21-year-old MTV starlet, it's all just hearsay.

"Let me clear up a rumor about myself and Mr. Gary Head," Jenelle wrote on Sulia on January 31. "How can I be engaged if I'm not even divorced? This is a rumor by all means, lol. I have no idea who said this but it's not true."

While Jenelle makes an interesting point, we're not completely satisfied with her logic. If Kim Kardashian's taught us anything, it's that you don't technically need to be divorced to pledge your undying love and commitment to someone else. Heck, she may even give birth to Kanye West's baby before her divorce from Kris Humphries is finalized!

Just as long as Jenelle and Gary don't rush off to Vegas and elope (polygamy is not kosher in the good ol' USofA), there's no law stopping her from rocking the princess-cut platinum ring all over again — which we'd imagine feels just like slipping into a familiar green hoodie.

Regardless, we think it's in Jenelle's best interests to keep things platonic with Gary — lest we forget the time he pleaded guilty to domestic abuse...

Do you think Jenelle should consider getting back together with her ex-fiancé or is that a disaster waiting to happen? Tell us below!