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The Bachelor

Is Selma Alameri Hinting Bachelor Sean Lowe Picks Her?

So far on The Bachelor Season 17, Persian beauty Selma Alameri seems to be a fan favorite. The gorgeous, petite 29-year-old made a big impression from the moment she introduced herself to Bachelor Sean Lowe, and has kept heads turning ever since.

On the January 28 episode of the show, Selma got a one-on-one date with Sean, who whisked her away via private jet to go rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park. Although Selma, who is a self-proclaimed “non-outdoorsy” type wasn’t so excited at first, she eased into the date eventually. And while some in Bachelor Nation aren’t sure about her connection with Sean — Ali Fedotowsky says she doesn’t see it working out with them — Selma is quick to disagree.

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On a recent conference call with reporters, Selma talked about her feelings for Sean. When asked who she thought would be best for him, if not her, Selma laughed off the idea that she won’t be handed the final rose. “I think I'm the best match for him. (Laughs) I can't lie, I don't care. He's my man! (Laughs)”

So, does that mean she didn’t like the other girls? Nope, that’s not it. “I actually kept saying, ‘I don't envy Sean. I feel so bad for him,’” Selma admitted. “[T]here really were good catches this season. There were a lot of good girls and he was in a really tough position, because each girl was so sweet and also genuine. [The show] picked these girls for a good guy and they did a good job at it. So I did think he had a hard task, and I do think that he really genuinely liked each girl.”

Credit: ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

It’s clear the two have an intense physical attraction to one another, but with their religious differences and her mom forbidding her from kissing on television, we see a few hurdles standing in their way. But based on her declaration that she is the only person for him, do you think she’s saying they work it out in the end?

Filming ended a few months ago, so if you want to know the answer to that question, you can click here.

Source: Reality TV World