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Nashville Trivia: Where Do the Show’s Episode Titles Come From?

Every show these days seems to have a theme to their episodic titling, whether they’re riffs on famous films (a la Gossip Girl), or tongue-in-cheek self-references (like on Friends). But each episode of Nashville has had wildly different, poetic titles that don’t seem immediately obvious, such as “I’ve Been Down That Road Before,” and “Someday You’ll Call My Name.”

Hmm, they sound like song titles, wouldn’t you say? In fact, they are indeed famous song titles, all from the great and tragic Hank Williams. Hank was one of the greatest country singers of all time — releasing 35 singles that charted on the Billboard Top 10 list, even though he only lived for 29 years.

In addition to being one of the most important country music makers of all time, Hank lived a life fraught with substance abuse, marital problems, and rejection (including from the Grand Ole Opry) — all themes central to the television show Nashville, which probably explains why his titles have been used to describe each episode.

T-Bone Burnett, the famed musician and producer who oversees music for the show, is likely responsible for adding the extra layer of historical significance to each episode. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, T-Bone explained the story he hopes Nashville’s music will tell. “I'm hoping that this show will strike a blow for the importance of music in our country. Listen, the story of the United States is this: One kid, without anything, walks out of his house, down the road, with nothing but a guitar and conquers the world. And we've done that again, and again, and again Johnny Cash, Hank Williams...”

Source: Rolling Stone

02.1.2013 / 06:07 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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