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Revenge Season 2: Why Jack Porter and Amanda Clarke Belong Together

When Emily Thorne first hit the Hamptons she only had eyes for one studly barkeep Jack “I Kept Your Dog All These Years” Porter. And even though Jack shared the same attraction, Ems kept him at arm’s length to pursue Daniel Grayson and her revengenda.

But nowadays Jack’s dedicated to the mother of his child, Fauxmanda Clarke. Sure, Mandy stole the love of Emily’s life, but she’s made an honest man out of him. The two are set to be wed in the Feb. 10 episode, “Union.”

Here are three reasons why this couple belongs together:

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1) Amanda’s the Mother of His Child

As much as we all tried to fight it, Amanda did have a baby, he is a precious saint, and his father is Jack Porter. That’s a real bond that can’t be broken. Sure, they could break up or divorce, but they’ll always be connected.

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2) Jack’s Not Badass Enough to Be With Emily

Maybe back in the day when Ems collected seashells by the seashore, Captain Jack was the perfect man for her, but times they are a-changin’. Emily’s kicking ass and Xing off names, and Jack’s too honorable to lead such a lifestyle. He’ll never be a revenger, and he’ll end up being a liability for her.

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3) We Don’t Really Care About Them

Sorry, but The Stowaway/Ryan Brothers storyline has been a major snoozefest this season. Jack and Emily are no longer sparking and Amanda hasn’t murdered anyone lately. Apart from the precious angel that is baby Carl David, we have no interest in these two — kind of like our feelings about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. So why don’t we just let them pair off and be happy together living in their tavern?

Do you agree with us? Or are you still holding out for Jack and Emily? Weigh in below!

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