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The Bachelorette

Which Former Bachelorette Deserves a Second Shot at Love?

Although The Bachelorette fills the “guilty pleasure” section of our brain, we like to keep things interesting by guessing and betting on who will be the next lovely lady to dole out the shrubbery in 2013. And while it’s become common practice to pick a fan favorite from a previous season and let her hack away at the man-filled mine field that is Bachelor Mansion, we’re wondering if ABC producers could find the perfect woman in the vintage section of their lady closet. So, who would make a good repurposed Bachelorette? We have three thoughts.

1. Ali Fedotowsky

Credit: Ali Fedotowsky on Twitter    

Besides eating giant sandwiches and being the cutest girl ever, Ali has a fantastically successful career working on 1st Look, a show that allows her to do things like eat giant sandwiches. Although she was happy with man candy (hottest ever) Roberto Martinez for a wee while, things eventually got complicated and the hot couple broke up. Ali would bring charm, transparency, and a love of Chuck Taylors to the mansion. Her laugh and constant smile were fixtures on her season of the show, and we could really use some of that while watching the intense love smackdown this show has become.

2. Emily Maynard

Credit: Emily Maynard on Instagram    

There’s been talk that Emily will get to step back into her mumu and carry on pulling the heartstrings of all the men puppets in the land. America fell in love with the single mom who lost her fiance in a tragic plane crash way back on Brad Womack’s second season of The Bachelor, and our love affair with the pint-sized blonde fashionista hasn’t fizzled even a moment since she broke up with coiffy choice Jef Holm. We get it, sharing a mirror is hard, not to mention he probably stole her skinny jeans, like, all the time.

3. Jillian Harris

Credit: @JillianHarris    

While Jilly is happily seeing cutie Justin Pasutto, we just love her so much, we can only imagine how fun it would be to have the little Canadian firecracker makeover Bachelor Mansion (please? Those steam room-looking floors and art deco touches have got to go) while simultaneously wading through the sea of mermen who would siren song their hearts out in pursuit of her beauty.

Which of these ladies would be the best choice?

Is it time for Bachelorette already?

I love these ladies!