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Will Britney Spears Retire After She Completes Her Next Album?

No matter what career and life choices Britney Spears makes this year or in the future, she will always be the girl we turn to when we need advice. Hey Brit, what do we say to our possibly cheating boyfriend? “Don’t let me be the last to know.” Great, great, and what do we do if we want to let you know we love you? “Email my heart.” Gosh, she has all the answers.

One answer she hasn’t offered? When she will hang up her pleather catsuit and spend more than just Tuesdays hanging out in sweatpants — as in, retire. Brit recently announced that she’s working on her eighth studio album as we speak/type, which is just excellent news. But considering she’s been doing a lot of quitting recently, we’re a little concerned about her future.

Britney has been making music and dancing for over twenty years, but don’t let that make you think she is close to retirement. After all, Brit is only 31 years old. One of her idols, Madonna, has been active for 33 years (is that all?) and, at 54, shows no signs of slowing down. No way would Brit quit before Madge... right?

We are a little worried in that one of the reasons given for Brit’s split from Jason Trawick was her desire to have more kids than the two she’s raising now. Would she have kids without a partner to help her raise them? Rumor on the interwebs is that it’s possible. If that were to happen, she might need to devote more time to her family and less to her career.

But, also consider that she has been in negotiations with Las Vegas hotels over signing a fat contract to do shows for one or two years in Sin City, meaning we’d get a whole lot more Britney. So, will she retire soon? It doesn’t look like it...

02.1.2013 / 04:58 AM EDT by Julia Wayne
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