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Jersey Shore

You Won’t Believe How Different the Jersey Shore Cast Looks in This Throwback Pic — Especially Snooki! (PHOTO)

Jersey Shore premiered a little more than three years ago, but the cast has changed their looks so dramatically that we can hardly recognize them now!

Today, Sammi Sweetheart Instagrammed a #throwbackthursday pic from March 2010 of the entire cast hanging out with Jay Leno before the taping of his late-night talk show. In addition to them all looking visibly younger, seeing Snooki with a huge beehive on her head and Pauly D’s hair so short is quite shocking!

Honestly, Snooks has changed the most. Not only has she slimmed down, but she’s gone for a sleek red hairstyle with long extensions and has toned down her makeup. (Well, except when she wants to go out on the town!) As a new mom, she goes au naturel at the gym and before bed, not caking on foundation and mascara just to say goodnight to her little guy, Lorenzo.

And out of all of them, Sammi has changed the least. She is equally fit and toned here as she is now, and of course, she flashed her dazzling smile at the camera. Love it!

Who do you think has changed the most since 2010? Sound off below!