Emily Maynard Wears “Stoned” T-Shirt –– What Does It Mean?
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The Bachelorette

Emily Maynard Wears “Stoned” T-Shirt –– What Does It Mean?

Emily Maynard is chillin' like a villain' in North Carolina, where she's whiling away her days playing with Ricki "Corn Rows 4EVA" Hendrick, being generally amazing, and looking absolutely gorgeous. This Bachelorette alum is a head-to-toe fashionista, and we covet almost everything in her wardrobe. Except for her mumus, which terrify us.

Check out Emily's most recent selfie, in which she's wearing a sweet graphic tee that simply reads "Love Stoned." Excuse us as we resist the urge to make a ton of jokes about Emily being high on the fumes from Jef Holm's hair coif....

Are you as obsessed with Emily's tank top as we are? Well, so is everyone else — including all the hippies at Hampshire College. The good news is that Em's shirt is from Forever 21 (shout out to Possessionista for IDing it!), so you can steal her style on the cheap!

The bad news? It's sold out, which means you'll have to scour the dark corners of eBay.

Source: Instagram