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The Bachelorette

Happy Birthday, Emily Maynard! Here Are 5 Things We Love About You

Time to pull out a glue gun and bedazzle a party hat, hoodrats –– it's Emily Maynard's birthday! This southern belle stole our hearts during The Bachelorette, and today (February 1st) marks her 27th birthday. That's right, Emily's been gracing the world with her beautiful smile for 27 big ones. Sob, time flies when you're having fun in the sun!

Check out 5 reasons we love Emily — other than the fact that she describes herself as "backwoods."

1. She's a Great Mom
Emily might have a lot going on in her life (looking pretty, being generally flawless, etc), but first on the list? Being a fabulous mom to her daughter, Ricki. Emily always puts mommyhood first, and even insisted that the Rickster travel with her during The Bachelorette!

2. She's a Go-Getter
Emily's been through her fair share of struggles, but she always has a smile on her face. This gal has achieved so much in her 26 years — she popped out an awesome kiddo, worked at a children's hospital, starred on Bachelorette, and might even sashay herself silly on DWTS!

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3. She Has a Stellar Sense of Humor
Emily might be a southern sweetheart, but she knows how to work her funny bone. She was completely mischievous on The Bachelorette, and the dudes just couldn't get enough of her cute sense of humor. The LOLs, guys! The birthday LOLs!

4. She's Feisty
Need we remind you of the time Emily kicked Kalon out of her love cave after he dared to call Ricki baggage? It was completely terrifying, but we appreciate that Emily was able to breakout her inner bad-girl and teach Kalzone a lesson. Don't cross this blonde, ya'll.

5. She's Our Fashion Muse
Whether she's going out for a night on the town or kicking back with her tribe of small cats, Emily always looks pitch perfect. She's great at combining couture pieces with simple items from Forever 21, and she's always chic and stylish!

Have a great day Emily — and make sure to binge eat some carbs for us!

02.2.2013 / 01:55 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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