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The Bachelorette

Jaclyn Swartz Sides With Which Famously Dumped Divorcee?

Ugh, getting dumped is the worst. Getting dumped on national television is even worse-worst than that. And although Bachelor Season 16 alum Jaclyn Swartz definitely knows what that feels like, her pain really couldn’t have been that bad in retrospect, if you feel what we’re floppin (ahem, Ben Flajnik).

But some ladies don’t have the benefit of a quick slash across their relationship stem and have to ride things out in the spotlight ad nauseum. So, which of the ladies in the latter category does Jax feel for? Um, that would be The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville.


Jaclyn tweeted her support of the cheated-on reality hot mom saying, “I think Brandi is now more famous than Eddie, and I love that.” While Eddie Cibrian may have ended up with LeAnn Rimes in the end, at least Brandi doesn’t have to be with the cheating Eddie Cibrian anymore. Which is winning in a way, isn’t it?

Nice to see Jac has her back.

Source: Jaclyn’s Twitter