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Jersey Shore

Snooki Reveals Her First Moment With Lorenzo — And It Might Make You Cry!

We saw Snooki give birth to her son, Lorenzo, on this week’s episode of Snooki & JWOWW, but we neither saw nor heard her actual first moment with Lorenzo.

In the Jan. 28 print edition of TV Guide Magazine, Snooks opened up about holding her baby for the first time and the significance of having a child.

“It was just very surreal,” she said of holding him after a 27-hour labor. “My parents mean the world to me — they’re my everything — but I’m adopted, and I don’t have any blood relatives. Lorenzo is my first.”

Aww, Snooks! Hold on while we grab a box of tissues — we’re tearing up here.

Of course, she also went on to joke, talking about the lack of drama in the delivery room since she was “numb from the waist down” from her epidural.

“I was just chillin’ there, watching cartoons with my family,” she said, but she was also “scared for the unknown,” including her water breaking. However, she doesn’t have any regrets about filming Lorenzo’s birth; in fact, she’s thankful that everyone was so nice about it.

“[The cameras] were in the delivery room until I started feeling uncomfortable. I was in labor for 27 hours, so when I told them to get out, they got out! The cameramen were very nice about leaving.”

Hey, never anger a pregnant lady — especially when she’s in labor! Are you surprised that Snooks let them film Lorenzo’s birth? Sound off below!

Source: TV Guide Magazine, Jan. 28 print edition