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The Lying Game

The Lying Game’s Blair Redford Reveals How Much He and Ethan Have in Common — Exclusive

Just how much does Blair Redford identify with Ethan Whitehorse, the misunderstood heartthrob on The Lying Game? A lot more than you’d think!

Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively spoke to Blair at the “Bands for Beds” fundraiser in Hollywood, an event to raise money for Bethlehem Parents Primary School in Uganda hosted by his co-star, Charisma Carpenter.

The swoopy-banged hottie chatted with us about what he and Ethan have most in common (hint: it involves a lot of manly things), how much he pays attention to fan feedback, and his fitness routine for staying in camera-ready shape.

How much do you identify with Ethan?
Me and Ethan have certain traits that are in common. We’re different as well but I’d say the things we have in common are we’re kind of extreme sports type of guys. He likes to ride his bike; I like riding motorcycles as well. I do a lot of off roading with my jeep. I have a Wrangler; he has a Wrangler. We’re both very protective of those we love which is a very strong part of ourselves that we have in common.

Do you follow the fan feedback about the show on the internet?
I kind of just get fan mail and Twitter responses and stuff but I don’t look at any of the message boards. I think if they want to reach me personally on Twitter I’m interested in what they have to say but if they’d like to talk amongst themselves, it’s not really a party I’ve been invited to so I don’t need to read it. As long as I’m happy with what’s going on, I’m good!

What do you do for fun off the set besides motorcycling?
I have a lot [going on]. Alex says all the time I have way too many hobbies. I could give you a list but currently, my mom just bought me a keyboard so I’m dabbling back in piano again. I usually do a lot of archery. I set up an archery range in my house so I shoot my bow in my house.

Are you really good with the target?
[Smiles] I’m pretty good, yeah.

Are you musical?
Yeah. I was raised playing piano and now in my own spare time, I play a little guitar but I can’t come close to our resident actress, Allie [Gonino], who has her band. They’re incredible.

Would you ever do anything musically in your career?
You would have to come back to me in a few years, after I really polish up. I’m interested in that, but it’s not something I can take out right now.

What’s your workout routine?
[Laughs] The Ethan Whitehorse workout routine? It’s pretty basic. I try to work out every day whether it’s some form of sports or actually lifting weights at the gym and then to me the main thing is eating right, too. Protein and vegetables pretty much all day, some fruit, no gluten, no bread. That’s kind of the way to go, I think!

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