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American Idol

Which American Idol 2013 Contestant Lied About His Heart-Wrenching Backstory?

The emotional tales told by some of the American Idol 2013 hopefuls have been beyond moving, and there’s no denying they have an effect on the judges and viewers alike. So what happens when it comes to light that someone lied about his backstory? We call them out, of course.

Based on a recent discovery, American Idol Long Beach auditioner Matthew Farmer has some explaining to do. It turns out that his moving tale of having a daughter despite being told he couldn’t father children was pure fiction. You might recall that the reason behind the alleged troubles was his claim that, due to being hit by an IED in Iraq, he had to take medication that caused him to become sterile. After allegedly trying to blame the lies on the edits done by Idol producers, the young father decided to admit everything in a public statement to Guardian of Valor.

Credit: FOX ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.    

"It was ALL lies," Matthew wrote. "I in fact HAVE lied since a younger age and had a problem with it. I am coming out and making a statement (even though I was instructed not to) because I DO want to come clean." He went on to say, “I indeed have many things to work with and need to get a lot of help doing it. Again I apologize to everyone that I have come across and hurt or lied too.”

It was actually his fellow soldiers who reported the lies to Guardian of Valor, saying that the IED incident was a lie. Instead, the “emergency incident” he was involved in was due to a mix of acne medication and alcohol. His reported former roommate released the following statement:

“I was a sniper section leader attached to his company and lived in the same room with him until he was medevaced from Ramadi because he got drunk while he was taking Accutane. He was never involved in one single direct fire engagement, was never wounded, and made up this whole lie to try and make his story sound good to American Idol.”

To make matters worse, another soldier, Sgt. David Johnson, not only called him a “fraud,” but claimed Matthew’s actions actually wreaked havoc on his peers:

“His actions endangered the rest of his platoon and company and forced the rest of the company to be searched in what is called a ‘health and welfare’ for illegal substances," Sgt. Johnson said.

As if all these statements weren’t damaging enough, Infantryman John F. McManus said that Matthew “used the blood, sweat, and tears or real, hard-working, tough, brave and honorable Infantry soldiers to paint himself as someone he was most certainly not.”

Liar, Liar, camo pants on fire. In response to his fellow soldiers, Matthew called his own actions “ridiculous,” saying, “I am EXTRMELEY [sic] remorseful and VERY upset that I allowed myself to take from the hard work of the guys that iIwas [sic] deployed with among others.”

There’s no word on whether the show has taken action against him due to these lies, but we do know he didn’t show up on our spoiler list as part of the Top 20 males. Can you say, “karma?”

Source: Fox News, Guardian of Valor

02.2.2013 / 03:27 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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