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Teen Mom

Can Jenelle Evans Get Her Marriage Annulled? — Exclusive!

What do Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and Kim Kardashian have in common? These reality TV rebels rushed into marriage and are now stuck in unholy matrimony with dudes they despise. Sigh … celebrities!

As we previously reported, Jenelle pressed assault charges against her husband Courtland Rogers on January 23. According to Jenelle's attorney Dustin Sullivan, with whom Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively, there are currently six charges pending (though he has yet to be formally served) — four counts of Assault on a Female and two counts of Battery of an Unborn Child. Each charge faces a 150-day prison sentence.

Immediately after their epic fight (which started over questions of infidelity), Jenelle moved out and then suffered a tragic miscarriage. Unfortunately, reconciliation is not in the cards. In fact, friends close to Jenelle claim she wants to pretend the whole thing never happened! But is the star-crossed couple even eligible for an annulment?

According to North Carolina state law, an annulment can only be granted under a strict set of circumstances — if the marriage was between family members, if one party was under age, if one party is impotent, if one party lacks the mental capacity to understand what marriage entails, and if the marriage was conducted under false pretenses.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Jenelle and Courtland fall into any of these categories (we're praying they're not related!), so an annulment is unlikely — even if Courtland is found guilty of assaulting her. "It would not have any bearing on an annulment," Dustin confirmed.

As for divorce, North Carolina state law is equally strict. "It is required that the parties be separated for at least one year before one can have a divorce decree entered by the court. We do not have common law divorces as other states do," Dustin explained. However, Dustin he did mention that should Courtland be convicted, the court will take his criminal activity into consideration during the divorce hearing.

So as of now, it looks like Jenelle's stuck with Courtland — at least contractually. Good thing she has Gary Head to lean on for support during this difficult time!