Downton Abbey Season 3 Spoilers: What Happens Tonight on Episode 5? What’s Baby’s Name? Who Else Hates Robert?
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Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey Season 3 Spoilers: What Happens Tonight on Episode 5? What’s Baby’s Name? Who Else Hates Robert?

To heck with the Super Bowl. Our Sunday, February 3 is all about Downton Bowl. (And we're always Team Edith.) This Sunday, Downton Abbey Season 3 is airing what you can either call Episode 5 or Episode 6. The first two episodes aired back-to-back on January 6, but a lot of people lumped eps 1 and 2 together, so they're considering this Episode 5. Whatever you wanna call it, this has all aired already in the U.K., so we know what's going to happen.

Do you want major spoiler details? Here's a relatively short roundup, excerpted from a great play-by-play recap at Heroes and Heartbreakers.

CORA IS NOT SPEAKING TO ROBERT: It's about time someone called out Lord Grantham on his bad decisions. He's always so sure of himself, and yet he keeps screwing up. Anyway, this is the episode after Sybil's death, and it includes the aftermath of her funeral. Matthew comforts Branson and even Thomas is still pretty broken up. Robert wants to move back into his bedroom with Cora, but she shuts him down, reminding him that they should've trusted Dr. Clarkson instead of the snobby guy who was knighted. She's starting to sound more like Branson in terms of rejecting the traditions of the upper-class. Good for her.

WHERE IS BRANSON GOING?: Branson doesn't want to stay at Downton, and who can blame him. He said he wants to leave as soon as he finds a job. Matthew doesn't want to rush him out, but Robert seems to think it's a good idea for Branson to get out and make a life for himself.

Downton Abbey Season 3 Spoilers: What Happens Tonight on Episode 5? What’s Baby’s Name? Who Else Hates Robert?
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BABY GETS A NAME! Tom decides to name the baby after her mother — Sybil. Robert, in his infinite lack of wisdom, feels that might be too painful. Who cares what he thinks, though. Tom also wants the baby to be Catholic, and Robert doesn't like that idea either. There's a big Catholicism debate later and Mary finally does something worthwhile when she tells her father Sybil would be happy for Baby Sybil to be Catholic, since she said so on the day she died.

DOWNSTAIRS FOLKS FALL IN LOVE WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE: The Alfred/Ivy/Daisy/James/Thomas flirtation drama continues. Mrs. Patmore has a great line: "You know the trouble with you lot? You’re all in love with the wrong people!" That just about sums it up down there.

WILL DAISY LEAVE DOWNTON? Daisy visits Mr. Mason, William's dad, and he wants her to be his heir and help him run the farm. A bright future for Daisy? It does sound like Alfred isn’t that into her, so maybe she should consider leaving Downton.

ETHEL DRAMA: Mr. Carson is a snob, of course, about anyone dealing with Ethel the former prostitute, and he can't believe Ethel is being allowed to wait on members of the family. But Ethel has learned how to cook and the lunch she made was a success.

PEOPLE FINALLY STAND UP FOR EDITH - AND ETHEL: During the lunch, Cora finally learns that Robert was against Edith writing for the London newspaper. She wisely notes that "Robert frequently makes decisions based on values that have no relevance any more.” Yep. Carson, too. They are too old school for the new era. Mary and Matthew are Team Edith on this newspaper question, but since Robert just had a fight with Matthew about how Downton is being managed, he gets upset that Matthew has now decided this for them too. He gets mad about Ethel serving them food as well. Why are they making him SO unlikable this season?

CORA AND ROBERT HUG IT OUT: The Dowager Countess has Dr. Clarkson explain his diagnosis, and he admits his treatment would only have had a slim chance of saving Sybil. When he leaves, Robert and Cora hold each other and cry for Sybil.

BATES MAY SOON BE FREE: At first, it looks bad in the prison, because the guards got to Mrs. Bartlett and she denied everything she had told Anna that would’ve exonerated Bates. But they manage to persuade her to change her mind and she signs a statement. So Bates may soon be free, although it may still not be that easy. This prison storyline really needs to end soon!

Read this full detailed recap for more.

Source: Heroes and Heartbreakers

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