Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Sarah Drew Talks April/Jackson, the ER, and More (VIDEO)
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Sarah Drew Talks April/Jackson, the ER, and More (VIDEO)

April Kepner (Sarah Drew) has really blossomed on Grey's Anatomy Season 9. Who knew failing the boards and hooking up with a hot BFF could make a character so interesting?

We were excited when Sarah Drew stopped by AfterBuzzTV to take fan questions after last week's Season 9, Episode 13: "Bad Blood." The entire hour-long gab fest is worth a listen, but we've pulled out some of the most interesting spoilers and tidbits here.

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What will April do without the ER? "We're going to see that play out over the next few episodes," Sarah explained. "The episode next week is an especially exciting one for April, and she's just not going to take it!"

However, that doesn't mean her fighting spirit will get the ER back — Sarah says the actors "still don't know if we'll get the ER back."

On why she loves Grey's so much. Sarah was a tried and true Grey's fan long before she landed a role. "This show is the one show my husband and I have watched religiously since day one, together as a couple," she gushed. "[My husband] weeps during the show."

On Jackson/April. "April never, ever apologizes for exactly who she is, and exactly what her beliefs are," Sarah explained of April's conflicting messages to Jackson (Jesse Williams) earlier in the season. She also thinks that Jackson "didn't need to be quite so offended" by April's relief when she discovered she wasn't unexpectedly pregnant. "Isn't that a good thing?"

Is it endgame? As always, Sarah said she doesn't know if Jackson and April will end up together, and she didn't fail to dish on the new hot paramedic in April's life.

"I really do love what they're writing for April and Mathew, and how it's all getting very confused with Jackson and Stephanie ... I think they're crafting a very interesting triangle where it will be very divided. I think there will be diehard Japril people, and some diehard April/Mathew people."

She also we'll see much more of her new guy in the next two episodes..

Source: AfterBuzzTV

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