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Jenelle Evans Hints That She’s Back Together With Gary Head!

Third time's a charm, y'all! It's only been a few weeks since Jenelle Evans separated from her husband of two months, Courtland Rogers, but she's already back in the arms of her ex-fiance, Gary Head!

Jenelle's been shacking up at Gary's house since she suffered an unexpected miscarriage on January 25, and despite claiming that they're "just friends," it looks like girlfriend is finally admitting that she has the hots for her sexy exy.

"I am extremely happy with my life right now," Jenelle posted on Sulia. "I've never felt so stress free and happy in my life! I get to see my son regularly and an old flame might be sparked. :) Deleted pictures, changed my number, completely FRESH! My mother is very happy for me as well."

Dang, that was fast! We assume the old flame Jenelle's chatting about is Gary (after all, they're living together), but who knows? Maybe she reunited with Josh. You know, that dude with the bowl cut who stole his mom's credit cards? Good times, guys.

Either way, we're happy Jenelle is happy! But do you think it's a good idea for her to start a new relationship while she's still married to Courtland Rogers? Hit the comments!

Source: Sulia