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Teen Mom

Maci Bookout Blasts Kyle King For Posting Photos of Bentley on Instagram

Maci Bookout and Kyle King used to be the cutest couple this side of Ryan Edwards's six-pack, but times have changed, y'all. After a series of emotional makeups and breakups (not to mention some infidelity), Maci and Kyle are officially dunzo. In fact, they aren't even on speaking terms.

Of course, we can't forget that Kyle forged a super-close bond with Maci's son, Bentley, and this lovable stud-muffin misses hanging with everyone's favorite Teen Mom kiddo. Duh — who wouldn't? Benny From the Block is basically a golden child.

Looks like Kyle misses Bents so much that he's taken to posting flashback photos on his Instagram, and Maci's less than impressed. When a fan asked this Teen Mom why her ex is posting said pics of Bentley, she wrote "I've wondered the same thing." Yikes!

Do you think it's inappropriate of Kyle to share old photos of Bentley on the interwebs, or is it understandable considering that he was a father-figure to Benny for upwards of two years? Hit the poll!