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Why Revenge’s Declan Porter Should Go the Way of Gossip Girl’s Eric van der Woodsen

Killing off characters is typically a very serious business. It involves sobbing, giving them their parting dues, and occasionally, painful funeral scenes. But not all characters deserve such treatment.

On Revenge, there’s one regular we could do without, but we’re not necessarily ready for this to be the end of his life rather just the end of his time in the Hamptons. Since we were first introduced to Declan Porter and his ability to fail at literally everything, we’ve been reminded of another character also played by actor Connor Paolo Eric van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl.

Eric bowed out in Season 4 of Gossip Girl, and we all chuckled when Lily and Rufus would make vague references to Eric and Jenny “studying” far away. Basically, those two took a bow and accepted the fact that few fans cared enough about their characters to continue on.

Since Declan’s super stressed about going to college, can’t the Revenge writers just throw him a bone, let him get in, and send him on his merry way? It certainly would help Jack considering Declan’s only brought him grief and constant drama.

It’s not like we’re asking them to commit and actually off the Montauk menace. Just send him to school, no explanation needed.

Do you think the Hamptons would be a better place without Declan Porter? Tell us below!

02.4.2013 / 09:22 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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