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The Bachelorette

5 Reasons Catherine Giudici Should Be the Next Bachelorette

Move over, plebeian sister-wives. Catherine Giudici is ready to dominate Sean Lowe's love shack with her radiant beauty and perfect personality, and we're thinking he'd be crazy not to pick her. But if for some reason Catherine gets deflowered, check out five reasons she should be ABC's next Bachelorette!

1. She's a Break From the Norm
This might be difficult for those of you who are currently binge eating pizza bagel bites, but Catherine is a vegan. We know, life without cheese = horrifying, but we love the fact that Catherine's so different. And her unique personality doesn't stop there! She's ballsy and fun, and probably attracts guys that are just as quirky as she is! Can you imagine all the hemp-weaving hippies that ABC would round up for her? Best season ever.

2. She's Hilarious
Sean and Catherine haven't spent that much one-on-one time together, but whenever they're alone Sean just can't stop smiling. Her vivacious personality brings out his inner child (not to be confused with the inner child in his soul), and her cute jokes and non-stop giggles always make him laugh. The Bachelorette can get pretty serious (so many tears), so a fun-filled gal like Catherine would be a welcome break.

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3. She's Accomplished
Catherine is a hard-working independent woman who has an enviable career in advertising. She's worked for Seattle’s Wexley School for Girls and Seattle Weekly, and currently puts pen to paper as as a visual designer at Amazon. We love that she's so successful! Sigh, way to break that glass ceiling, girl. Now time to get you a hubby.

4. She's Kind-Hearted
Considering that half of Sean's potential wifeys keep flinging themselves off precipices to get his attention, it's important to acknowledge that Catherine is a good person with a kind-heart and generous nature. Want to know what she admires most in the world? "Anyone who can look beyond themselves and unselfishly help others. Giving more than they may have. They are an example for us all." Consider us sold.

5. She's Naturally Beautiful
Were used to ABC's Bachelorette being covered in makeup (and in Emily Maynard's case, glitter), but Catherine is an easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. This lovely lady is naturally stunning, and her good looks are sure to devastate her suitors and bring in great ratings for ABC. After all, who doesn't want to stare at a flawless goddess for two hours a week, right guys?

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02.5.2013 / 08:52 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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