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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2013: Sean Lowe’s Ladies Are Home on the Range in Montana (PHOTOS)

Sean Lowe must be a freaking dreamboat in person, otherwise he wouldn’t have nearly a dozen ladies still hanging out, waiting to be chosen as his future lady love. Think about it: so far these girls have been asked to jump off a building, climb cliffs, smash into each other on the rink (okay that one sounds awesome), and dive for balls, just to show they care. Heck, the one girl who got to do something civilized was sent home!

So, what do Sean and evil Tzar Chris Harrison have dreamed up for The Bachelor’s next group date, in Episode 5? Oh, just a good old fashioned throw down, farm style. Yep, you read that right. In the February 4 episode, Sean’s harem will trade in their lady clothes for gingham flannel (drool, hipster boys), and saw their way to his heart. We’re not kidding. Here’s a peek into the group date.