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The Bachelor

Bachelor Nation Responds to Montana Group Date: “You Drank Goats Milk for NOTHING”

In The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 5, Sean Lowe puts his women through a Bachelor Pad-esque obstacle course. Namely, they have to drag bales of hay across a wide meadow and then milk goats and then (wait for it) CHUG THE MILK. The red team won, thanks almost entirely to Desiree Hartsock’s milk-chugging abilities love for Sean. Sean takes the red team out on a group date, but then misses the blue team so much he brings them back (presumably so he can make out with Catherine Giudici).

Here are our favorite Twitter responses during the date, with the MVP award going to (as always) Bachelor producer Robert Mills.

Chris Harrison@chrisbharrison
Have & will RT @scs118: @chrisbharrison would you drink goat milk for Sean?!
J.P. Rosenbaum@JP_Rosenbaum
Fyi, The goats ate a lot of pineapple before filming that scene.#Bachelor
William Holman@WilliamFHolman
2 night bachelor. Tomorrow they milk cats. You can milk anything with nipples
Dana Weiss@Possessionista
weak people piss me off. losing pisses me off. Lesley turns into#Bachelor hulk. Anyone know if Doug is still single?
Dana Weiss@Possessionista
I don't care what the spoilers say. Between milking that goat and chugging that milk, there's no way Desiree isn't final 4 #Bachelor
Robert Mills @Millsy11374
You can't help but wonder how @chrisjbukowski would have done milking a goat on #BP3. #Bachelor
Robert Mills @Millsy11374
That's right ladies. You drank goats milk for NOTHING. #Bachelor
Emily Maynard@EmilyMaynard
I wish I could've had the losing team come back in Bermuda! Thats so sweet! He definitely likes someone on the blue team.. who do you think?
William Holman@WilliamFHolman
Next week on an amazing episode of the bachelor the women churn butter.
Jaclyn Swartz@JaclynSwartz
Moral of the story is...don't EVER drink the goats milk. You will win...nothing. #bachelor

02.5.2013 / 07:44 AM EDT by Whitney Ricketts
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