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The Bachelor

Bachelor Sean Lowe on Tierra LiCausi: “So What You’re Saying Is I Made a Bad Choice?”

In The Bachelor Season 17, Episode 5, Sean Lowe stumbled, compromising his Perfect Man status. Instead of eliminating the increasingly volatile Tierra LiCausi, Sean opted to send sweetheart Jackie Parr home — a decision that rippled throughout the house, at the time, and now, upon airing, throughout the internet.

During the episode’s airing, Sean’s ex Emily Maynard tweeted, “Ugh... I feel so bad for both Jackie and Sean! Worst/Most awkward situation ever!” Ashley Hebert’s Bachelorette hubby JP Rosenbaum jumped in on the action, albeit a bit less diplomatically. “I’m trying I’m trying,” JP tweeted, “Just can’t think of anything witty ‘cause Tierra is annoying the F*CK outta me!”

The drama of the situation wasn’t lost on Sean, who jumped on his phone, Tweeting, “So what you’re saying is I made a bad choice?” Way to make light of a terrifying Tierra situation, dude. The best part? Sean’s sister Shay followed up with, “Your niece thinks so! She has a lecture for you!”

Kensington speaks for us all, Seanie.

Source: Twitter