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Teen Mom

Chelsea Preps For Beauty School! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Finale: “A Means to an End”

It's been a long season of tragic puppy murders for our girl Chelsea Houska, but guys? It looks like there's a light at the end of this Ugg-filled tunnel. Chelsea has finally passed her GED tests, and you know what that means! It's time for her to whip her hair back and forth and apply to beauty school! Because perfecting the ultimate penciled-in eyebrow is super important, duh.

Naturally, Chelsea gets into Black Hills Beauty College with no problem, and she celebrates by getting her hair braided (because how else would she celebrate?) by her bestie, Landon — who, by the way, has a leopard print faux-hawk. We love you Landon, please negotiate your own show with MTV.

In other news, Aubree is getting so old. She's basically a geriatric amongst toddlers, which means it's time for her to enroll in day care! But we're worried. Chelsea still seems hung up on Adam (she's sad that he isn't around to celebrate her GED), and it's only a matter of time before she gives into the alluring siren call of his dirt bike.

Guess we'll have to tune into Teen Mom 2's fourth season in just two weeks to find out if Chelsea and Adam get back together! Until then, we'll continue to pray for Frankie the French Bulldog.

02.5.2013 / 08:35 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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