Did Chelsea Houska Get Her GED? — Exclusive!
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Teen Mom

Did Chelsea Houska Get Her GED? — Exclusive!

This season on Teen Mom 2, the lovable Chelsea Houska was busy adorning her hair with multicolored feathers and road tripping to country music concerts with her besties. And when she wasn't doing that, she was complaining nonstop about her on-again-off-again boyfriend/baby daddy, Adam Lind.

When did this girl find the time to study for her GED?! Oh, right, she didn't.

Did Chelsea Houska Get Her GED? — Exclusive!
Credit: MTV    

In an earlier episode, "Life Goes On," we saw Chelsea blow off a practice test study-sesh to make googly eyes at Dierks Bentley. Priorities, people! Honestly, we didn't have high hopes for this gal, but she ended up passing with flying colors. Talk about a smarty pants!

But that was only a practice exam, which means Chel still needed to ace the real thing, and — SPOILER ALERT! — she did! When Wetpaint Entertainment chatted exclusively with the Teen Mom 2 star at MTV Studios in New York City, she confirmed that not only did she pass her GED test, but she was also accepted to beauty school!

"I am finally doing what I've always talked about doing," she said proudly. "In the previous seasons, I would be like, 'I need to get my GED, I want to go to hair school,' and stuff like that, and finally in Season 3, I do get my GED and I start cosmetology school."

Not surprisingly, Chelsea describes getting her GED as a " big relief," noting that her only regret was not tackling it sooner. "I was like, dang, I should have done that right away, because I would have been done with beauty school by now. But I'm glad I'm just finally moving forward and have my career soon and have my adult life."

Sounds like Chelsea is exactly where she wants to be, and best of all, she's finally over Adam! Somebody cue "Since You've Been Gone."

Lindsay Dreyer is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @LindsayNYC.

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