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Teen Mom

Did Leah Messer Feel Stuck in Her Relationship With Jeremy After Finding Out She Was Pregnant?

Leah Messer fell hard for Jeremy Calvert, but the timing of their love connection couldn't have been worse. Leah was hot off the heels of an emotional divorce from her baby daddy, Corey Simms, and they still had feelings for each other when Leah got knocked up with Jeremy's baby. The result? Girlfriend felt completely trapped in her relationship!

"I felt like I couldn't get out of that, because I felt like I was pregnant with someone else's child, and it was my mess up, so just stay here," she tells Maci Bookout during the Teen Mom 2 After Show. "I think really Jeremy felt like 'Oh no. She really isn't ready for this because she's still not over Corey.'"

Speaking of Corey, we were pretty much ugly-crying throughout his entire conversation with Leah.

"When I told him, he just opened up at the wrong time," Leah says. "It's like why couldn't you have opened up a long time ago and told me you loved me, or that 'Oh my god, I really care you are pregnant with someone elses child,' because during the time I didn't think he cared at all."

Nowadays, Leah and Jeremy are happily married and just popped out their first child together on February 4 (sadly she miscarried back in January 2012), so we assume this Southern belle no longer has lingering feelings for Corey. Phew!

Source: MTV