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Teen Mom

Leah Tells Corey She’s Pregnant! Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 3 Finale: “A Means to an End”

Leah Messer just found out about the bun in her baby oven, and our eyes are weeping happy tears made out of Mountain Dew. OMG, our eyes are doing the dew, and it's all so emotional!

Leah and Jeremy are beyond excited about her pregnancy, but there's just one problem. Corey "Camo Is My MeeMaw" Simms (aka Leah's ex-hubby) has no clue that she's knocked up — let alone about to get married! So, how does Leah break the news to her baby daddy? She writes it out on an Etch A-Sketch, the South's answer to an actual conversation.

Poor Corey is completely traumatized, mumbles a few things incoherently, and then guys? Then he starts crying, which means we start crying, and it's like how many more tears can our poor Snuggie soak up, sob! As you might expect, Leah's all kinds of confused about Corey's man-tears, and even admits that she might leave Jeremy for him if she wasn't knocked up. Dang, girl … color us concerned. We feel so bad for Jeremy — especially considering that he's probably watching this episode....

Sigh, so will Leah ditch her new man for Corey? Looks like we'll have to wait until next season to find out (noooo!), but guess what! Next season airs in just two weeks (yessssss!).