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Nellie and Michael of The Glee Project Starting a Band — But Are They Dating? Exclusive

If you watched The Glee Project 2 this summer, then you’re going to want to hear this news. And if the word “Michellie” means anything to you — this just might be the coolest thing you’ve ever heard.

Nellie Veitenheimer and Michael Weisman, who quickly became friends while competing on The Glee Project 2, are starting a band together, and Wetpaint Entertainment has the exclusive details of what’s to come.

Nellie and Michael tell us how they came to be so close, reveal the name of their band, and even give us a peek at what they’re up to musically. But in the time since TGP ended, has their friendship evolved into something more... romantic? You don’t want to miss what Michael has to say about that.

Wetpaint Entertainment: I hear we’re the first to break the name of your new band?
Nellie: Yeah. So the band name is Far and Away.

Why Far and Away?
Nellie: Michael and I were texting about the Washington D.C. trip that we just went on, and we were talking about how it was really fun. And Michael said it was far and away one of the coolest vacations because it was really great and then the next day he was like, ‘What do you think of Far and Away for a band name?”

And I was like, ‘What’s that inspired by?’ Because I didn't remember that he had said that. He was like, ‘Our text.’ We'd been searching for a really long time for a band name, and we hadn't been able to come up with anything. We wanted it to fit and make sense, and everything that we had been thinking of, we had to think about for way too long or it didn't like make sense for us. It was quite a process.This one we heard it and we both liked it immediately.

Credit: Tyler Golden/Oxygen Media    

So how did you two become so close on The Glee Project?
Michael: Well, we found ourselves laughing at the same things when nobody else was laughing on The Glee Project. We found a lot of things that were funny that nobody else did. So that’s kind of how we started hanging out.

When you were on the show, did you know that you were going to start playing music together? Or was this something that just came together after?
Nellie: I think everyone on the show wanted to work with everyone for something. Like, ‘We should totally collaborate,’ but I knew I really wanted to work with Michael because of his guitar skills. And I really liked the sound of his music, and he had messed around on a couple of my things. But it was also up in the air because he wasn't sure what he was doing after Glee Project. I was the only one that was like, ‘I'm definitely moving out [to L.A.].’ He’s like, ‘I don’t know yet.’

What kind of stuff do you guys do, now that you're Far and Away?
Michael: We were actually just recording a song with a friend last night. I've got a mini home studio that we laid out one track at a time. That’s pretty much our day. If neither one of us has an audition or something planned, we write new songs, or make old ones better.

Is that where the focus is for you now, music rather than acting?
Nellie: Michael is doing a lot of stuff acting wise. He’s going out on a lot of things.

Michael: But music definitely is my number one passion. Acting is fun, but music, I feel like I would want to make a life out of it.

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What about you for you, Nellie?
Nellie: It’s the same thing. We've all been given the opportunity where we're out here. We can audition for stuff, and we have incredible people supporting us with like whatever we decide to do. But music definitely is my passion.

Does music seem I don't want to say easier — but with acting, you audition and you get it or you don’t. With music, you can still play venues and make money off of it, right?
Nellie: L.A.’s an interesting place though. We are still trying to figure out the music scene here because we have Glee Project fans that coming to our shows, but we're just trying to find a way where we can play a show and have other people come up, too. Like, branching out of just our fan base.

Are people wondering what your relationship is at this point?
Michael: Keep them wondering. [Laughs]

Twitter: @farandawayband
Nellie's Twitter: @nellielisabeth

Michael's Twitter: @mfweisman

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