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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap of Season 3, Episode 12 — Stripping and Fighting

Who owns what? In our Real Housewives of Beverly Hills recap of Season 3, Episode 12, the Vegas trip turns south, since we all know it’s impossible for these ladies to have a drama-free trip to Vegas. So grease up your stripper pole, pour a martini for your dog, and take a puff on a stranger’s random e-cigarette.

A-pole-ing Behavior?

At the start of the episode, “Kim Nose Best,” it’s time for the ladies to shake their moneymakers as part of Brandi Glanville’s Vegas stripper event. All the women prove to be good sports and give it a go, even Kyle Richards although she’s more firefighter than stripper and Lisa Vanderpump, who shows off her sexy walk. Way to strut, Lisa!

In fact, everyone looks great on that pole well, with the possible exception of Marisa Zanuck, who really appears to not be enjoying herself. She finds the stripping to be anti-feminist and says the only time she likes to be sexy “is never.” Uh, has Marisa seen herself? She’s way sexy at least, when she’s nowhere near a stripper pole.

The ladies are in the limo when Kyle gets a surprise call from Kim Richards. Kim informs Kyle that, oh, by the way, she’s getting a nose job today. Kyle is understandably taken aback but at least manages to wish her well, as Kim admits to be nervous about the procedure. As usual, the communication in this family is lacking just a smidge.

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Things Get Hairy

Adrienne Maloof is meeting with people about her bag line, and the bags look great. In fact, we agree with Adrienne’s business partner that the bags look Maloof-licious. However, Adrienne then takes potshots at Brandi’s business ventures, which we probably could have done without.

Another thing we definitely could have done without? Watching Paul’s back hair removal. (Gag.) Some things just cannot be unseen, Paul.

The ladies in Vegas move on to dinner and drinks galore, as Kyle is shocked that Yolanda Foster is working on some tequila. (Does this mean Yolanda the lemon queen had a drink that requires limes? How dare she betray her poor lemons!) The conversation is calm to start, although Kyle wishes the ladies would keep their concern about Kim using pain meds to themselves.

However, things suddenly get more heated when Yolanda asks Camille Grammer what she’s thinking about. Oops. Camille says she misses Adrienne, since Adrienne loves Vegas so much. And here we go!

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What Did Camille Know?

The ladies discuss the time when Adrienne supposedly asked Brandi to meet at the Polo Lounge to discuss going against Lisa at the reunion. Brandi claims to have called Camille at that time and that Camille knew about Adrienne’s plot against Lisa. But now Camille denies saying anything about that and claims Brandi just said she was nervous about the reunion. Hmmm.

Camille does not like that words are being put in her mouth, so she says she “will not stand for it” and leaves the table. And so we have our first person bailing from the dinner table during the course of the evening! Yes, there will be others leaving early, in case you’re keeping count.

Kyle coaxes Camille back to the table, so Camille tells the group that she felt put on the spot. Camille points out that Adrienne didn’t appreciate Kyle not throwing Pandora’s engagement party at the Palms last season, at which point Brandi pulls a Brandi and says that Adrienne only owns two percent of the Palms. Brandi just can’t stay quiet, can she?

Kyle is irritated that Brandi blabs things about other people, pointing out that Brandi lies about not having a nose job. Lisa then says Kyle never has her back, at which point Camille says Lisa doesn’t own Sur. Lisa clarifies that, while she does have a business partner, she herself own 51 percent — but thanks so much for asking, Camille. (Can you feel the love yet?)

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All’s Fair

Brandi explains her comments about Adrienne by saying she’s angry that Adrienne is suing her. Yolanda says Kyle shouldn’t defend Adrienne because it was Adrienne’s choice to not come to Vegas, but Kyle says she’s tired of hearing Lisa complain about Adrienne’s comments. Lisa and Kyle each claim to be fair and that the other person is distorting things. So much for clearing up who’s fair.

Finally, Camille gets heated, and Yolanda loudly shushes her and says that they all know where Camille stands. Suddenly, Yolanda is saved by the bell jet, as a private jet is there to whisk her and some of the ladies away. Then, once the others have left, Camille admits to Brandi that she wasn't completely truthful during dinner. No big deal.

Back in Cali, Kim has had surgery and is bandaged up when Kyle visits her. Kyle is impressed by what she sees of Kim’s nose, but she’s even more impressed that Kim has yet to have any pain meds. But what Kim is doing is smoking out of some random e-cigarette that she found in her drawer. Uh, whatever keeps Kim sober, we suppose. (Maybe it belongs to Allison DuBois?)

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I’ll Have What the Dog’s Having

Ken hasn’t been holding up to well without Lisa, as he has resorted to sharing cocktails with Giggy. So it’s a relief to see Ken and Lisa reunited at their cute two-person tea party outside. Lisa tells Ken that Brandi mentioned Adrienne only owning two percent of the Palms, and Ken is shocked that Brandi said that. Lisa also says she wishes Kyle were more loyal.

And so we follow last week’s happy-go-lucky episode with an extremely tense outing this week. In our opinion, Camille’s argument with Brandi is especially disappointing, considering the two of them had bonded only a few episodes back over their failed marriages. We’re also worried that Yolanda and Kyle’s friction is continuing to get worse. In a word: Yikes.

However, we must say we’re proud of Kim for apparently doing her best to stay away from pain meds at the moment. And we thought Kim’s nose always looked fine, but if the surgery helps with her deviated septum along with giving her confidence we suppose it’s for the best.

So we survived another dramatic episode. And after the high level of stress from this week’s episode, we could definitely use a drink but preferably not one that a dog has been drinking out of. That's a wrap on our Real Housewives of Beverly Hills 2013 recap for this week!

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